2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Our Amazing Experience

Scientific understanding of the phenomenon does not prepare one for the totality of the totality experience in all senses: cooling temperatures, calming of heretofore ceaseless High Plains wind, sunlight on the prairie grass visibly dimming, rapid darkening, that shadowy speed, high clouds blacken fast in the west, then in seconds…

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On Being “Judgmental”

There’s no excuse for neglecting to stand up for what’s right, or to state your opinion about bad behavior, least of all the lame idea that somebody, somewhere, might get offended or think it’s “judgmental”.

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Irma Update: Keys in Trouble

I hope everybody still in the Keys after this afternoon (and only a very few should be!) is in a sturdy concrete structure at least on the second story, with access to windowless interior rooms, and enough provisions to survive over a week on their own without power and running water.

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