Election 2016, Part 2: Electoral College

What if half of just New York’s and California’s electors had gone Republican? You know the Red States aren’t going to go for any Electoral College changes anytime soon. If only Blue States do, it’s left-wing self-sabotage. Go ahead, shortsighted fools, bring that on. Please!

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Election 2016, Part 1: Trump Wins. How?

Trump carried a higher share of minority and blue-collar votes than Romney. Had the latter not run such a squishy campaign, nor come across as a distant and detached rich oligarch, we would be entering the second term of President Mitt right now. Instead we have another rich oligarch who is pretending not to be distant and detached, but who will sell out to assimilate into the very same Borg he claimed to be fighting.

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Romo Passes the Baton: The Greatest Sports Speech of My Generation

Has there ever been something like that in major sports to pass the baton? If so, it is exceedingly rare, especially from such an intense competitor.

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