What Is Predictable and Certain from This Election

After the election, prepare for all manner of smug condescension, over-representation of results, and generally bad sportsmanship. Regardless of the outcome of the election, the cocky and demeaning behavior from the supporters of the “winner” will be vividly evident, based on what I’ve seen from the liberals after the 2008-12 Obama wins and the ongoing WWE-style bluster of the Trump camp. Either side can lose sight of reason and spout forth their childish taunts from that pox, that all-too-poorly regulated weakness of human nature which affects politics and science alike: emotion.

I’m not going to call Trump “right wing” because he’s not conservative–more of a populist demagogue with a pro-wrestling/reality-TV appeal and almost no coherent, consistent positions; whereas the Clintons are decidedly power-mad corporate leftists and diabolically corrupt to the core. For the quotes below I shall label two groups, with brutally honest shamelessness; take it, or leave it. I refer to her most ardent online supporters as “moneyed left-wing” and his as “Trump foamers”. Whether or not verbatim, in effect the message from the winning side will be:

Trump foamers: “F*** you, losers! Just, f*** you! Losers, losers, losers, losers, losers! Big mandate we got, baby! Huge. This is bigtime and bad-ass. We’re making America great again and taking our country back, you sorry-ass loser weakling wimp p***ies! We told you we’re taking America back and we did. Take your ivory tower liberal bulls**t and shove it up your ass. Lock her up! Lock her up!”

Moneyed left-wing: “Look at this overwhelming mandate we have [with the second most unpopular candidate in history]! F*** you. Just f*** you. You lost yet again. You and your ideas are outdated, your whole demographic is obsolete and useless, and you will be meaningless forever. You just don’t matter anymore. Don’t bother ever speaking or voting again. You’re outnumbered and irrelevant as voters and humans. We’re building our Utopia of tolerance and inclusivity with or without you, and you are all just obnoxious, racist, sexist pests. Please, just die already so we can move forward. Go crawl in a coffin and die.”

Brace yourself. The pettiness, immaturity, divisiveness, rancor, and emotional petulance are not going away.


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