Election Message for Fellow Christians

As Christians, this Presidential election offers us candidates that can seem like a choice between evils, more so than ever before. There also are more than two choices there — please remember this! You are not obligated to vote for a candidate because another fallible human told you that a different candidate “can’t win” or that it is a “wasted vote”.

The latter statement — that any vote is “wasted” — is patently false! No vote is wasted, because every vote counts. Close elections throughout the history of our republic have shown this. Depending on your state and locality (here’s mine, for example), you also have some combination of senators, representatives, state-level offices, referenda, and propositions to choose. Those should be researched diligently not just on their own face value, but even more importantly, from a moral and faithful perspective.

Furthermore, no vote is wasted because the vote is a manifestation of your preferences, your conscience, your understanding — not those of another person telling you differently. When you get in that voting booth, no other person can see you. You are not casting a vote on behalf of anyone else on this Earth. The choice is entirely yours. You are not obligated to any other person’s wishes. You have free will in this!

Still, there is more to the story. Your vote also is not a waste, because it is a reflection of where and who you are as a faithful Christian. Please understand this: you are voting not only on your own, but as a creation of the Lord. With that comes an important responsibility, indeed a mandate, to vote for the options that can best reflect His holy Word and His principles.

Given such importance of your vote, pray over it beforehand: not just for President, but for every single other item on the ballot. Ask that the Holy Spirit will infuse you as you mark all of those votes. That is because there is an undeniable truth here for each and all or us believers.

The Lord is in that voting booth with you. God sees how you are marking that ballot.

Vote accordingly.


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