Not with My Wife in There!

Let me explain some basic genetic science chromosomally:

XX = female (homogametic)
XY = male (heterogametic)

There’s your gender. Anything else is science denial. Regardless of what one wants to be, or pretends to be, that fundamental, biological truth is inescapable. [I’m not interested in entertaining minuscule-fraction XX/XY genetic syndromes either; that’s beside the point here, a tangential straw-man, not at all relevant to the argument.]

Genetically, you are as you popped out of the womb, no matter your act, no matter your appearance, no matter your presentation. The XX or XY with which one is born stays in every single cell regardless of any cosmetics, desires or pretending to the contrary. Thus, since trying to be something you’re not is fundamentally dishonest, pretending womanhood when you’re male (or vice versa) is a big, fat charade–a lie. Yes, lie…which makes every “transgender” (get ready for it)…a liar, a pretender, a poser, inauthentic as a $3 bill. That completely inverts and falsifies their claims to being “true to oneself”, and is a foundational self-contradiction.

To really be true to oneself, go into your own private bathroom, undress, look between your legs, take careful note of what’s there…and act like it. If you want to pretend to be something you’re not, do it at home, an acting stage, or a drag-queen parade…not in a bathroom with my wife.

    “Two men say they’re Jesus, one of ’em must be wrong.”

      Dire Straits

I love that line, because it fundamentally calls out fakers for who and what they are. On some days I may wish I were a ghost, invisible! That doesn’t make me one. When I was a kid I wished I were a flying superhero. That didn’t happen, no matter what costume I wore and how much I yelled about saving the world. I put on a football uniform and threw passes really far for a little street-rat punk; that didn’t make me Roger Staubach no matter how much I pretended to be him. Perhaps I wish I were a holy man, a prophet, a savior to the world. Some people are delusional enough to think they are; but there was, is, and will be only one Jesus the Christ.

Wishing or behaving or dressing as a woman wouldn’t make me one, period. Nor does it anyone else on earth. And if “gender” is just an “identity” and not physical, why bother with the ‘nard-carving, the hormones and the makeup? Therein lies another basic self-contradiction in the whole deal.

Still, does that mean one can’t carve up one’s gonads surgically and pretend to be something they’re not? No. I don’t understand that mentality; it’s bizarre and twisted, but in the libertarian sense, one has the right to do with one’s own body as one chooses. [This, of course, excludes abortion, where the life of another complete genetic human being within the body is at stake in a potential homicide situation.] One even has the right, under the same document I cite below, to play-act like they’re a dudette when they were born a dude, at that drag parade.

Invert your organs, shave your legs, put on dresses, wear heels, splash on the Eau de Fakerie Parfum, whatever. You have that right and I will not deny it. I also have the right to criticize it, to call it a forgery, a delusion, a lie. I will continue to do so, and there’s nothing anyone can or will do about it. Why? It’s something the purveyors of perversion might not know about called the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That’s the supreme law of the land. Freedom of speech, folks: learn it, live it, love it.

Nevertheless, let’s now assume for argument’s sake that no surgical or wanna-be “transgender” person ever did anything wrong in a bathroom, anywhere. Let’s consider the other posers: those pretending to “identify”. It is their very existence, above all else, that nullifies any and all arguments for “gender-neutral” bathrooms.

Yet under “identity” rules and laws spreading nationally like a contagious mental disease, anybody can decide he is a woman (or a girl, if in K-12) for the day, and stroll unquestioned into the women’s latrine or locker room. Postal-poster perverts and pedophiles the nation over are foaming at the possibilities. Genderless bathrooms elsewhere already have encouraged voyeurism. Peeping Toms now only need to “identify” as tomboys to succeed at peeping. Just call oneself “transgender” or “I identify as…”, and you’ve got license to leer. How far into the toilet have we gone, as a society, to allow lecherous leeches to have lawful access to their targets by means of “identifying” as something they’re not? All of that is batshit insane! What about the rights of the women and girls in that restroom?

If you’re a dude, and my wife, daughter or sister are in a public restroom, you’re not going in there, period. No man is going to be exposing himself around the ladies I love, if I can see it coming. I don’t care if you think you’re a woman at that time. I don’t care if you think you’re a dog and start barking on all fours. I don’t care if you “identify as” Mork the Alien and start chanting “Nanu Nanu”. It doesn’t matter what delusion of otherness you have. It’s not happening.

If “the law” says you can go in there, that’s a bad law; I’m still keeping you out until my loved ones are done. Like Rosa Parks on the “colored section” of that bus, I’m not morally obligated to follow an immoral law, an inverted Jim Crow statute that allows anyone to access any restroom if they feel like it. The safety and well-being of those I love matters more than somebody’s delusional “identity”.

Further reading, from a woman who has been raped:
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