Destination Doom: The Trump Phenomenon in Conservatism

The attraction of Donald Trump to many on the right is utterly mortifying to this Christian, Constitutional, libertarian-oriented conservative. I know dozens upon dozens of conservatives, and perhaps two who are willing to admit they support Trump. Yet the polls supposedly have him topping the Republican field — a bizarre phenomenon that makes me wonder if these polls are rigged.

Why does the far-left “mainstream” media love to publicize him? Easy: Trump is a convenient caricature, a cartoonish villain straight out of Snidely Whiplash school, and more importantly, drives mouse clicks (and therefore ad revenue). In other words: greed trumps ideology (pun intended).

Sure he says a few things with which I agree, but so do more others on more issues. Trump is not a true conservative, in any way, shape or form, but instead an opportunistic, bellicose, vague, frighteningly ignorant celebrity pretending to be a meaningful presidential candidate. He is better-suited for a pro-wrestling charade or “reality show” than any sort of serious public office.

On the policy front, he offers no coherent, specific, detailed plans for any issue. In the debates he simply thumps, struts and preens his way around, taking policy criticism petulantly and overly personally, while offering hackneyed talking points and little of substance. On every issue he “discusses”, at least one of the other candidates has a more thoughtful, detailed, specific idea. His foreign-policy naivete, on a different end of the spectrum, is nearly as egregiously lacking as Obama’s. At home, there is no indication he will roll back the domestic spying, Big Brother machine of patently unconstitutional privacy invasion that has been assembled piecemeal under presidents of both parties, from Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon on through the Clintons and Bushes, and made worse than ever by Obama.

On the fiscal front, Trump is precisely the embodiment of the wealthy oligarchy the Tea Party ideal is supposed to mistrust…all while posing as some sort of “outsider” in your best interests. How can he help to pull our country out of crippling debt when he acts as bankrupted his own businesses? That’s a valid question and one he answers as if bankruptcy is not necessarily bad (yes it is, Donald…ever heard of prevention?). MarketWatch has rightly called him the most economically liberal Republican since Nixon. If you want someone who isn’t deeply steeped in uber-rich, wheeling-and-dealing, high-stakes hustles, Trump is the wrong choice. Other candidates exist who are far less wealthy, and far more genuine about the outsider mantle and rattling cages (Paul, Cruz, Carson). If you want a complete Washington outsider who has business acumen, Fiorina is a far better pick than Trump.

On the moral front, Trump’s behavior has been nothing short of deplorable. His bullying, threatening attitude is well-known and even legendary. Trump’s exaggerations and brazen dishonesty alone should disqualify him (as Hillary’s lies upon lies upon lies should disqualify her too, in fairness).

Trump definitely gives the Clintons a run for the immorality prize — maybe not as acutely focused as Bill Clinton in terms of the latter’s specific, longstanding problem involving sexual predation of relatively powerless women, but instead, disturbingly diversified in his shameless personal and corporate promotion of moral sewage. The guy has opened and operated giant gambling casinos (and tried to open others before lying about it), has had suspicious dealings with mobsters, has had three trophy-wife marriages and at least one adulterous affair, and has contributed money to known adulterers, and other sexual deviants, and subsidized to the tune of millions those who advocate the murder of unborn babies (many Democrats, below).

With regard to conservative principles, surely heavy monetary support for Democrats for years isn’t part of the ideal. He only draws upon the Bible and Christianity when convenient. He panders to shortsighted, flavor-of-the-moment, celebrity-obsessed foamers with ten-second attention spans. [Yes, such an audience does exist on the political right, as well as what we already take for granted amongst liberals.] I have seen no evidence yet of genuine repentance either. That’s not judgmental in a Biblical sense, it’s just the plain truth. Show me…don’t tell me. Actions peak louder than words.

If you like Trump, you tell me: In light of what I have stated above, why does someone like that appeal to you–someone who is basically a loud, bombastic, garrulous, ill-informed, two-faced, half-coherent, selectively moral, hotheaded huckster, showman, poser, and circus clown, a power-mad blowhard who will say and do whatever it takes, and who (like Hillary) will try to trample anything and anyone who stands in his way? Because he says what you want to hear? Because Palin endorsed him? Neither of those mean he is a true conservative; in fact, his real-life actions resoundingly prove otherwise. At least in that context I can understand the appeal he apparently has to many self-proclaimed Democrats (even including liberal Democrats). Given his past behavior, including historically chummy relations with the Clintons, I (like others) truly have wondered if he is a left-wing plant.

Some liberals like to complain about conservatives “voting against their own self-interests“. What’s the problem with that? Self-interest is not what voting is supposed to be about. We really need more of that, putting country first before the selfishness of, “what’s in it for me”. Whatever Trump is promising, his dishonest track record means he cannot be trusted to deliver. Fellow conservatives, wake up! Get away from the Kool-Aid. Stop this Trump nonsense before you damage the cause for decades.

There’s still time for Republican voters to switch over to an authentically conservative, strongly principled, serious candidate with a proven track record, who is well-educated, with specific and detailed ideas, the intellectual acuity to rout Hillary or Bernie in a one-on-one debate, and a resolute willingness to make tough decisions that might not be immediately popular. That candidate is Rand Paul. Ted Cruz isn’t a bad second option in those regards either. Alas, I’m afraid the majority of the body of voters in this nation isn’t ready for someone as smart as Rand Paul yet. From all I can see, the electorate is not mature, unselfish, aware, investigative, and forward-thinking enough. Hence Paul’s low poll numbers and Cruz’s lag behind Trump…

We are screwed if the ultimate contest is between Trump and either the Clintons or Bernie. Yes, I said “the Clintons”, because with them it always has been a two-evils-for-one deal. Put them back in the White House and you get hypocritical, power-mad, dishonest, conniving, corrupt, manipulative snakes who likewise will squash anyone who dares challenge them, from the highest levels of government down to the next female intern or aide subjugated into performing after-hours “favors” for an aging ex-president. All while the debt grows deeper, still more practitioners of moral depravity (e.g., polygamists, the incestuous and robot-humpers) get “marriage” licenses in their turn, millions more unborn babies are slaughtered for convenience, Israel is left to the jihadist wolves, Russia takes over much of the Middle East and eastern Europe (again), our own physical and virtual sovereignty disappears, the Chinese continue to hack every electronic device we have and steal all our secrets with no consequence at all, and low-skilled workers and welfare parasites pour into the USA, to the detriment of our economy, and the physical danger to our women increases from combat-age male products of oppressively misogynistic cultures.

Bernie at least is honest and sincere and true to his stated worldviews; if I were a leftist, he would have my vote, no question. But his worldviews are serious bad news: governmentally heavy-handed, authoritarian, pie-in-sky, anything-goes, Utopian, and admittedly socialist policies would divide, bankrupt and demolish our nation and its societal fabric once and for all, in many of the same ways as Hillary’s presidency would (see above). The main difference would be in the outward friendliness of the White House occupant as our nation crumbles regardless.

This election could be a choice between that heinous Trojan horse Trump and either of the ultra-radical, Alinskyan, Cloward-Piven schooled leftists at the top of the “D” ticket. If so, I might just fill in the rest of the ballot, leave the top part empty, file it, go outside, and retch in the grass. [In Oklahoma we don’t have write-ins, unfortunately.] This has the distinct potential to be the election that permanently dooms America to what would, in that event, be a deserved fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Your best hope, if Trump is elected in a lesser-of-monster-evils fight with Hillary*, is that: 1) his itchy hands are kept off the nuclear switch somehow, and 2) that he will be convinced by someone (who?) to appoint legitimate conservatives to positions of influence throughout the administration, and to the Supreme Court. Don’t count on it. I don’t trust that casino-mogul shyster any more than any of the Democrats. Think of an even less-capable Jerry Jones/Jesse Ventura personality as President…and God help us all.

Or…vote Rand Paul and get everyone you know to do the same.

* Unless of course the security-breaching e-mail evidence against her becomes so overwhelming that not even the radical-left inJustice Department now in power can resist indicting her for numerous felonies. Then Bernie backs into the nomination by default. Again, God help us all…


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