Anniversary Tribute to Elke and Reflections on Marriage

This cool, calm and still morning, I strolled outside to admire the dawn, as eastern cirrus clouds evolved through wondrous progression of salmon, cotton-candy pink, Tang-powder orange, luminescent gold, champagne, and aluminum silver hues. Reminding me of the reverse tonal sequence of sunsets I’ve watched with my wife Elke in our treks all across the […]

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Yet Another Left-Wing Lunacy

Just when I thought the high-horse eco-moralizing of the pompous environmental jihadists could go no further, here comes documentation of yet another growing dirty snowball of loony left-wing stupidity. Behold the war on air conditioning. Do you actually buy this outlandish crapola? Yes, like the women in the Washington post link, sometimes I get cold […]

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The Lion and the Sheeple

Even though I support hunting, I don’t like the circumstances of what the Minnesota dentist did to that lion in Zimbabwe any more than most others. Poaching unfairly tars all hunters. I also agree with those who advocate a more measured and restrained approach about not rushing to judgment, and also, letting the facts and […]

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