A Christmas Message for You

Elke and I wish all our friends and followers a peaceful and warm Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and fulfilling 2016. While the realities of life dictate that our wishes won’t come true for all, please understand that they are genuine nonetheless.

We all have our political inclinations, religious or non-religious beliefs, sports affiliations or apathies, vocations, avocations, and social practices, but we’re fundamentally human at the core, with all that entails. Indeed, this can be a rough time of year for so many. Maybe you’re experiencing the sorrow of something or someone missing from life, like we certainly do this time of year.

Whatever your situation, and even if you are not Christian, I hope you will nonetheless catch at least a glimpse in some form of the real meaning of this day, as manifest in some part of Christ’s life story that applies universally even outside the faith of Christianity itself.

Drill through all the commercialism and noise and hype that has co-opted an corrupted this holiday, then pull and peel off all the built-up layers of cultural crust and grime, and what do we have? Hope in troubled times. Salvation from doom and woe. Grace for the suffering. Redemption opportunities for wrongdoers. Loyalty to truth. Standing tall for what’s right and good. Caring for the downtrodden. Sacrifice of self. Challenges to improve. Forgiveness (so hard but so important). Perseverance in the face of trouble. Steadfast resistance to evil in the face of extreme temptation and even torturous death. The common thread through all of that: Love (even if it has to be tough love sometimes). All arose from a little baby conceived out of wedlock for a desperately poor couple, and born in a stinky animal feeder. From such extraordinarily improbable circumstances, a story unfolded that has inspired billions to betterment.

Regardless of the soil heaped on His legacy by popular culture and elements of bureaucratized “religion”, regardless of all the baggage that has been attached to His message since the Crucifixion, regardless of any bad things that have been done in His name…when we set all that aside and distill to the core, Christ’s story itself is a marvelous and inspiring one. His life story and the messages He told exemplify and epitomize all kinds of good, true and positive attributes for which we all can strive.

Wherever you are, whatever your situation: May you find, in some part of Jesus’ words and deeds, elements of truth and hope and solace to carry forward. Open that gift, and inside you’ll discover a blessing to keep and cherish. Merry Christmas.


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