Yet Another Left-Wing Lunacy

Just when I thought the high-horse eco-moralizing of the pompous environmental jihadists could go no further, here comes documentation of yet another growing dirty snowball of loony left-wing stupidity. Behold the war on air conditioning.

Do you actually buy this outlandish crapola?

Yes, like the women in the Washington post link, sometimes I get cold at the office too–no, most of the time, I’m too cold at the office. You know what I do? I adapt…suck it up and deal with it, just like the many years I had no air conditioning at all in the inner-city South.

As someone who lived without air conditioning for nearly half my life, in Dallas, because we just couldn’t afford it, I dare anyone who makes a bleeding-heart left-wing eco-hipster sociological issue out of it to put talk to action and do the same.
My challenge: spend 18+ years with no AC in Dallas, Phoenix or Miami, and then check back. I already have. Will you? Any takers?
The crickets chirp. Actions speak louder…

Can’t do it? Won’t do it? Well no excuses, that slams the door. Your arguments just went around the bowl and down the hole. Credibility: gone! Shut up and sit down. I’ll instead gladly discuss this in depth with someone who has, or demonstrably will (once completed). At least their direct, first-hand experience gives them some tenability in the dialogue.

Talk really is cheap, and it’s easy to be so principled in an air-conditioned newsroom at the Washington Post, or the cool-climate coffee shops of San Francisco, Seattle, Boulder, Vermont, or England.

One lesson I long have known, but is reinforced by this “issue”, is that a bunch of leftists have nothing better to do than sit in their ivory towers of privilege and lecture others in the real world on how to live.


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