Big Photography News: Early 2015

It’s been some time since I posted photographic news and developments, but we’ve got some major ones going now.
SkyPix Rising like a Phoenix

After 20 years, four domains and a hundreds of photos and stories added, my longstanding SkyPix gallery is starting over–moving to a new server, a new domain and a completely new layout and look, with numerous mages and narratives not found in the old gallery. One by one, original (but updated) SkyPix photos and prose will be ported over also. This will involve rescanning of old slides and updating of information. Just like the original, you have free and ready access to the latitude and longitude of the great majority of the photo spots too.

Meet SkyPix 2.0 — a site designed expertly by my beautiful bride and web-weaver extraordinaire, Elke Edwards. She has supplied the layout and functionality, and I provide the photography and prose. Just like the old SkyPix, every page within a given gallery category (Majestic Supercell, All Hail, Water Works, Burnscapes, Tornadoes, Floods, Mini Cloud Atlas, Sunrises and Sunsets, etc.), has its own photo and story. Now the photos are larger and higher resolution, and you can click on them to get a still bigger image.

You can still use the old short URL redirect, , as well as the new site address that’s even easier to remember: .

I’ll be building/rebuilding SkyPix one image and story at a time throughout the year, and posting updates often on my new public Twitter account, @SkyPixWeather. You get to follow along in the process and watch SkyPix grow, page by page. I’ll also post periodic blurbs about weather, photography and sports to that account. We would love for you to browse around and check back with @SkyPixWeather or the “NEW” button on the website for updates.

NWC Biennale

The National Weather Center Biennale is, as the title suggests, an event held every two years. Its purpose is to exhibit fine art in three forms–works on paper, paintings and photography–related to “art’s window on the impact of weather on the human experience”. Each piece of art must have been created within the preceding two years, which limits the pool to active artists’ recent work. This is a juried exhibit with judges selecting entries out of hundreds submitted, then ultimately selecting winners in each medium and overall. The lobby of the architecturally artistic National Weather Center becomes an art museum for a few months during the Biennale. The first Biennale was in 2013, and one can read excerpts from the accompanying catalog of the art.

Because the exhibit is juried, and the judges select art from digital submissions without the identities of the contestants, a meteorologist who works in that building has no particular advantage. Yet, in the 2013 Biennale, my photograph, “Lightning on Cheyenne Ridge” (BLOG entry from 2013) was the only one exhibited from anyone working in the facility. Given the number of storm enthusiasts, chasers and talented photographers there, that was a big surprise.

While it didn’t win the ultimate prize, I was pleased to hear nothing but good words about the photo from both jurors and patrons during the event. [If you ever want to know an audience’s thoughts on your art, hang out anonymously near it as folks who don’t know you view and comment.] Despite my normal contempt for and avoidance of photo contests, this was a different, very credible, and worthwhile experience–so much so that I decided to enter again.

For the second straight Biennale, I’ve had a photograph selected to appear in the exhibition, entitled “Twisted Perspective”:

This time, a couple other NWC folks have pieces in the exhibit as well, which is not a surprise. Come on by Battlestar Norman between 19 April and 14 June to partake of what should be a fantastic exhibit of weather art!

What About All Those Iceland Photos?

We shot thousands of photos last August on our two-week excursion around Iceland, and only have begun to scratch the surface in processing and saving the best among them thanks to everything else going on in life. However, I have posted several already to the new SkyPix, and several more still to Image of the Week. If you haven’t visited Image of the Week in some time, please revisit–it’s still going strong, with a different photograph from my portfolio added weekly.

Eventually we hope to build a dedicated website just for Iceland imagery, but we want to take the time to do it right. In the meantime, keep up with SkyPix and Image of the Week for newly posted glimpses of the absolutely stunning North Atlantic volcanic island such as The Stacks of Reynisdrangar, different views of Seljalandsfoss, the otherworldly Hverir Geothermal Area, the ever-changing Jokulsarlon ice lagoon and nearby Atlantic beach of ice on black sand, the wide-open plains beauty of the interior highlands, historic lighthouses, many other waterfalls, captivating mountain and beach vistas, some spectacular sunsets, and so much more.

2014 Top-10 Storm Intercept Photos

A couple of months ago, I posted my top-10 favorite storm scenes from the 2014 season. Pages from 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010 are also available too, if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Last but not least, all this photography exists for showing (and is dedicated to and motivated by) the glory of God as manifest in the visual blessings He grants to us in land, water and sky. Thanks for dropping by.


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