Tribute to “Cyclone” Jim Leonard (1950-2014)

I already knew of Jim’s name from copies of film movies he as donated to the lab, including the first knowingly filmed footage of an anticyclonic tornado, and his hurricane-intercept experience already was the subject of legends. Now here I was, talking storms with the man of legend himself–who turned out to be the most down-to-earth guy one could imagine.

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Alpha-gal Diagnosis

Ticks who have bitten a non-human mammal, such as a cow, deliver a meat-based sugar called alpha-galactose (full name: Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose) in their saliva. The immune system, in reacting to the many foreign substances in tick saliva as it should, also treats alpha-galactose as an unwelcome agent. This then leads to an internal alpha-gal reaction to digested read meat…

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295 Innocents Slaughtered Today: Time for Leadership

Regardless of intent, regardless of missile origin, no valid excuse exists for rocketing a commercial Boeing 777. None! As Russia and Ukraine blame each other, 295 souls no longer have living bodies. Their families deserve answers, accountability, and ultimately, reparations from those responsible.

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