Quick Questions and Answers about Tornado Safety in Schools

The horrible events at two schools in Moore, OK have brought the topic of tornado safety to the front lines of national talk, and for good reason. As always on this BLOG, these are my personal thoughts, not necessarily those of my employer. Are there guidelines for schools to plan for tornadoes? Absolutely, and here […]

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Experience the NWC Biennale Soon!

The NWC Biennale is free to the public–just a photo ID is needed for U.S. citizens. Yes, you can visit on weekends too.

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Downfall of an American Emperor

My parent’s generation had its Nixon. Now my children’s have theirs, even if many of them still are in denial about it. Presidential administrations, both Republican (e.g., Harding, Nixon) and Democrat (Clinton, Obama) have been soiled to the point of grievous damage or even premature ending by scandals of their own doing, arising ultimately from […]

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