What if I Told You…

What if I told you some things that might seem absurd, unbelievable, completely unrealistic? Things that Alex Jones couldn’t even have conceived beforehand? What if I told you that the CIA was in cahoots with “researchers” at over 30 universities to illegally experiment with mind control on unsuspecting people using barbiturates, LSD and hypnosis? “Lunacy”, […]

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In Memoriam: Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, Carl Young

Tim, Paul and Carl were about the last people I’d guess would perish in a tornado. This hurts, and will for a long time.

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In Memoriam: Iniki the Cat

My favorite trick was to make her stand on two feet and stretch the full length of her body vertically, reaching way up high for treats, which I would drop in her gaping mouth while she grasped my hand.

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