Experience the NWC Biennale Soon!

Only two weeks of the National Weather Center Biennale art show remains. The exhibit runs through 2 June at the National Weather Center edifice in Norman, displaying weather-related art from three categories: works on paper, paintings, and photography. Its theme: “The National Weather Center Biennale is the first exhibition of its kind – a national juried exhibition presenting art’s window on the impact of weather on the human experience.”

Last fall, artists submitted over 700 entries from all 50 states and several nations, and I was honored to have produced one of the 100 pieces picked for the exhibit: the photo below entitled Lightning on the Cheyenne Ridge. Jurors did not know who produced the art they judged; therefore, the fact I work in the same building is pure coincidence. With all the meteorologists, storm observers, and talented photographers who work and study there, it was all the more of an honor to have been the only one with a photo chosen for the exhibit.

That was my favorite among several shots made standing in cold outflow winds, shivering at 6,000 ft of altitude on the highest of the High Plains, and hand-holding the camera for flexibility’s sake. Three of them (starting with this photo) are sequenced in the online SkyPix gallery.

Now that you’ve seen that image, please go to NWC in person to check out the other 99 pieces. There is some very creative, imaginative, and evocative art in this exhibition! Some of it is even rather striking and electrifying in nature, offering a visual jolt that might just shock you, or at a minimum, spark a tempest of thought above all the static of life.

The NWC Biennale is free to the public–just a photo ID is needed for U.S. citizens. Yes, you can visit on weekends too. Here are the official exhibit hours in Central Time:

    M-Th: 10a-5p
    F: 10a-7p
    Sat: 10a-5p
    Su: Noon-5p


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