Opening Embarrassment in London

I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with Elke; and we agree–it was lame. That whole ordeal seemed shallow, trite, pointless, rambling, disjointed and unnecessarily chaotic.

All the vast richness and color of British history, especially before the late 1900s, and they had to largely ignore a good deal of it in favor of playing pop-music rubbish from the stinking Pet Shop Boys, among others? I suppose there was some sociopolitical point regarding the U.K. health-care system, acting-out a bunch of sick children in hospital beds with nurses, but that’s not the appropriate place for it. And what business does some comedian have making a mockery of a London Symphony performance overseen by one of the world’s greatest conductors–even if by design? Bollocks!

Some of the lighting effects, including the rain falling from the rings, were interesting. By in large, however, this was a pathetic show. If the creator were trying to be cool, edgy and abstract somehow, he failed wretchedly, instead going off into the weeds and turning it into a humiliation for the hosts. As a friend of mine said online, “I never in my life thought I could be embarrassed for the people of another nation; tonight dispelled that belief!”

I admit–personally, I never cared much for the concept of ceremony in general. I declined to attend my college graduation, went to my high school’s event only because my parents essentially made me, and luckily have managed to avoid ceremonies for most of the awards I’ve received. After all, isn’t a grand accomplishment worthwhile for its own sake, without any pageantry or pomp?

Fireworks shows, I’ll except. My own wedding to Elke..yeah, that was obviously worthwhile. Otherwise, I attend or watch ceremonies only for the sake of others, not on my own. Tonight’s event made me glad I wasn’t one of the unfortunate throng who paid to see it in person!

The good news is: the opening ceremony mercifully is over, relegated to what Reagan called “the ash heap of history” (ironically, in a speech to the British Parliament about communism).

Now, onto what REALLY matters…the sports itself! Hooray…let the games commence.


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