Savage Bigotry, Intolerance and Bullying…toward Christian Children

Meet Dan Savage (but only at a distance). This is a person who is so “tolerant” that he once advocated truck-dragging a politician with whom he disagreed. He also stated on national TV that he wished all Republicans were “f___ing dead.” Are truck-dragging somebody to pieces, and the desired mortality of millions of people, proper ways to settle a problem? The racist killers of James Byrd, and the notorious genocide architect Adolf Hitler, might say “sure”. Otherwise…

This is a person who once wrote that he volunteered for a Republican presidential primary campaign as a mole, then tried to infect that candidate with the flu by spreading the germs of his illness on items that the candidate (Gary Bauer) would handle. Later Savage backed off that story, calling his account fictitious. This either makes him dishonest, delusional, uncivilized, and an irrational hothead at best–or a dangerous sociopath at worst.

In light of incidents such as these, is Dan Savage someone a responsible parent or educator should want influencing any child of any age? And yet, and yet…

For some reason, this extreme-fringe “queer” activist, admitted liar, violence-advocating anti-bully crusader, and convicted voter-fraud criminal was invited to speak at a national high-school journalism conference held by the National Scholastic Press Association. For the sake of civilized humanity…why? This was the awful and shameful result. What as the NSPA thinking…or were they? Given Savage’s decidedly unstable background, such a cruel and hateful eruption shouldn’t have surprised the organizers.

Insult-infused, gratuitously profane rants against Christians and Christianity seem to be en vogue, satisfying some carnal desire for puppies to kick by insecure bullies of the left. Even given that, Savage’s spew was extreme to the max. Substitute Jew and Torah, or Muslim and Koran, for Christian and Bible in his verbal screed, and this guy would have been pilloried by mobs of mainstream media finger-waggers at every turn. This further exemplifies the dripping hypocrisy of leftist “thought”, where doublespeak is the norm: bigotry is portrayed as anti-bigotry, hatefulness used in the struggle against hate, bullying as part of an “anti-bullying” agendas, and intolerance in the name of tolerance. Orwell’s Ministry of Truth would be proud.

As I’ve written here before, tolerance and acceptance also means tolerance and acceptance of political conservatives, of Christians, of the right wing…in other words, of me–and millions of others like me. The Dan Savages of the world, and the frothing lapdogs of lascivious deviance who march to their tune, are too engulfed in the flames of their own hatred and bigotry to see that their credibility in any such arguments is burned to a crisp as a result.

This sort of extreme-left radicalism, using overt and profane insults and as vectors for spreading the message, would be absolutely unrecognizable and shocking to more sane, level-headed and thoughtful civil-rights activists of the early ’60s. Radical homosexual activists often speciously and disingenuously compare their “struggle” for recognition, approval and attention to that civil-rights era. Really? I mean, really? Talk about delusions. This makes me wonder…

What would the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King say about such tactics as Savage has employed? What would MLK say to the notion that Christian children are being called “pansy asses” in public, by the speaker, for walking out of a hateful and insulting rant against their faith? What would he say? Answer that.


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