Big Blue Distortion

…and no, I’m not talking about any patently false claims by fans of the New York Giants that their team has won more Super Bowls than the Dallas Cowboys.

Instead, it involved the latest “Big Blue Marble” image offered by NASA, as it appears on the MSNBC Photo BLOG. Namely, as Mike Gundy might say, “That ain’t right!”

The image is greatly distorted compared to the real proportions of the earth’s features as centered along the same longitude (roughly 100 degrees W). Please click on the thumbnail below, which takes you to the full-sized, side-by-side comparison I threw together this morning. [It might be slow to load on a low-bandwidth connection. Hit the “Esc” key to return.]

Notice the NASA image has North America about twice its proper size with respect to the Earth’s sphere. To again quote Mr. Gundy: “Git yer facts straight!”


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