Who’da Thunk It?

Something bizarre is about to happen. With 304 career pass receptions, senior Ryan Broyles is only 12 behind the NCAA lifetime record, with 8 regular-season games and a bowl game left to go. I hope it’s this week against the despised, puke-orange clad bunch from UT.

In any event, as long as Broyles stays healthy for the majority of the remaining games this season, he’ll have no trouble demolishing that record by a massive margin.

If you’ve been following OU football for a long time, throughout the days of the triple option executed out of the Wishbone formation, visions dance through your head of Greg Pruitt, ‘Little’ Joe Washington, Billy Sims, Spencer Tillman, J.C. Watts, Jamelle Holieway, and others. Think of those guys running wild out of the backfield, footballs flipping sideways or backwards amongst any of two or three speedy little blurs darting this way and that, hidden to defenses behind a wall of massive linemen.

We remember 300-yard team rushing performances happening several times a year, with an entire season’s worth of TD receptions sometimes tallied on the fingers of two hands. Any given starting wideout of that area could catch fewer passes in entire season than Broyles has averaged per game. Only Air Force (ironically) and Georgia Tech run anything similar offensively today.

Now, fellow crimson bloods, think about the following statement and allow the idea to steep in your mind for a few moments, like a cup of fresh, hot tea. An Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver is about to set the all-time college-football record for career passes caught. Amazing. We’ve come a long way, baby.


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