Ice Ice Jerry

What a sad thing to learn today of people injured by ice sliding off the sloped roof of Cowboys Stadium, as one would expect it to do once sufficiently melted and lubricated. I don’t know why Jerry Jones and Co. didn’t plan for this. It’s wintertime. Winter weather happens there. Duh.

The history of Metroplex weather is liberally sprinkled with messy ice and snow events, including a game Jerry himself should remember well–the Leon Lett sleet blunder. Remember the huge 1979 ice storm that left 600,000 people without electricity? I certainly do; our neighborhood was encased in two inches of solid ice for the 4-5 days that we had no power. [That’s when Joe Montana and Notre Dame performed the miraculous last-second comeback over Houston in the Cotton Bowl.]

This lack of foresight is absolutely inexcusable; and it’s not the first time that his bunch has been unprepared for adverse weather and its consequences. You can bet his bottom dollar that Jerry, being a billionaire in charge of a billion-dollar facility, and as such, a ready target for the voracious vipers of civil litigation, is going be paying some out-of-court settlements over something truly preventable.

The Cowboys, along with each other NFL team, needs to hire a highly competent and experienced staff meteorologist who can advise them of hazards like this as specifically customized to their facility. The salary of that person would be far cheaper than the claims he’ll be doling out, or the boost in his liability insurance premiums arising therefrom.


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