More Videos of Selfish, Dangerous Storm-chase Drivers

Back on 20 May, I re-posted a telling video, shot by experienced storm observer Steve Miller, of outrageously dangerous and reckless driving by so-called “storm chasers” on the previous day.

That was far from the limit of the lunacy on the same afternoon. Check out this video, courtesy of user “mmezeul,” of more so-called “storm chasers” behaving like total morons behind the wheel.

One driver after another after another reveals his arrogance and absolute disregard for their own safety, the law, and most importantly, others’ safety.

Now, note the jackass in the white van, depicted in the video below, also from 19 May, as he passes at obviously excessive speed, and almost runs oncoming traffic off the road. Courtesy of “visiblehorizons”…

I don’t care if that’s a passing zone. Dashed yellow line or not, that is reckless, dangerous and illegal! Passing is no excuse to endanger oncoming traffic like that.

Here is what to do when you are stuck behind slow traffic and it is unsafe to pass: you wait. That’s right, wait. Yes, wait, until it is safe to pass in a legal passing zone. Don’t like it? Stay off the roads of rural America! Slow locals, dump trucks, etc., are no fun to deal with, but are a fact of life.

I offer that if those chasers who do such stupid things would forecast better, leave sooner, and plan their intercept more smartly, such situations could be minimized greatly. And if all else fails, you find yourself behind the action, and the only way to catch up is to drive like the morons depicted above, then…turn around and go home. Live to chase another day.

These selfish idiots are risking their lives, those of their passengers, and those of the drivers around them, for what…a few spots in a long line of cars? Wow, they passed a few vehicles, almost crashed into one, and ran another off the road, just to save a few seconds. Morons. Unfortunately, I witnessed similar things later on the same day from other drivers. These bungholes are taking advantage of law enforcement’s diversion to the important job of storm spotting and preparedness, in order to engage in their egregiously and wantonly illegal behavior.

It’s no coincidence, either, that most of those posting adverse comments on YouTube about the videos can’t spell worth a flip and don’t know how to use their “Shift” key. My daughter could write better at age six. Is stupidity so pervasive as those comments indicate? The evidence is not encouraging.

I also found another fine example of inconsiderate, unsafe, self-centered boneheadedness on the LaGrange WY storm the year before, after the storm had crossed into the Nebraska Panhandle, as documented through the camcorder lens of Scott Zimdar:

Get this straight: except for emergency vehicles, nobody–I mean nobody–has more right to the road than anyone else. This means that chase tours, TIV, “Dominator,” any legitimate research radar or probe, you, me, or any non-chasing local vehicle is subject to the same rules of the road. When it comes to traffic laws, we are all equals! Being a “storm chaser” is not a license to endanger others and deliberately flaunt the rules of the road as if they apply only to other people.

When and how will this insanity end, and who will be killed by deliberately reckless driving in the meantime? I dread the day when a “storm chaser” goes to prison on charges of negligent homicide, but it is becoming more and more likely by the year.

Aside from encouraging every audience member with a screw or two loose to seek fame and glory by driving into tornadoes for themselves, that worthless, unnamed TV show also seems to have succeeded in propagating the pure myth that the data from so-called “professional storm chasers” (most of whom are among the most immature and unprofessional people I’ve ever seen) helps warnings. That’s bogus. See a recent post by Chuck Doswell, and some commentary below it, to debunk the myth quite soundly.

Unfortunately, ignorance spreads faster than truth can keep up.


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