Planned Parenthood’s Conflict of Interest

Of course Planned Parenthood wants European kids (and ultimately American children) to reject moral teachings of their parents and cultures, whether religious or not, and engage in sexual activity.

Why would this be? To answer that question, your path is clear: Follow the money.

It is to Planned Parenthood’s own financial benefit to have as many people as possible getting contraceptives and abortions from their outlets. Planned Parenthood’s very survival depends on the form of irresponsible behavior and lack of self-control that we also know as extramarital sex. The lucrative abortion industry at large, of which Planned Parenthood is the biggest supporter and participant, similarly survives and thrives off the very existence of promiscuity. All other reasons and excuses they provide simply are diversionary façades — tactics designed to obfuscate the truth. The truth is counted in dollars.

Would every individual’s collective choice of abstinence outside marriage put the abortion industry out of business? That’s a yes-or-no question. Answer it correctly, and you’ve found the money. In doing so, you’ve found the truth.

Planned Parenthood’s published position on these issues constitutes a financial conflict of interest so obvious, so brazen, so easy to see, that I cannot fathom how anyone could miss this. [EDIT] I must admit upon further reflection that I may have been somewhat over-exuberant with my original language here, so I’ll instead provide an analogy for further elucidation.

If one is making a widget, and in order to keep making the widget, people need to suffer the problem that leads to demand for the widget, then market economics alone (or what some to the left of center call capitalist greed) dictate that the widget-maker do everything possible to ensure demand, or else go out of business. Cigarette companies, in this vein, tried for decades with unfortunate success to get kids and young adults hooked. We know this now.

Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood (as well as for-profit clinics), therefore, want kids to screw, early and often, nevermind all the problems that causes. It’s the same lousy concept. The difference between Planned Parenthood and a slimy tobacco company in this ideal is in ostensible for-profit status only. Otherwise…none.


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