Nuclear Iran and the Resulting Firestorm

Iran brazenly announced they’re enriching uranium to 20% — far more than needed for power generation, essentially flipping the civilized world the middle finger and saying, in effect: “Hell with you. We’re doing what we want, and there’s nothing you can or will do about it. You’re all too weak and disorganized.” And they’re right — at least about the weak and disorganized part.

The Obama administration will continue to dither meekly and carry on with assorted “sanctions”, as well as inconsequential and substantially facile words of inference and indirectness. Same with Europe. China and Russia sit amused on the sidelines, feigning neutrality while covertly supporting Iran. Only Israel has any real courage in all this, and they’re running out of patience with the sheer ineffectiveness of mere talk by the U.S. and Europe.

Israel knows, as does anyone with a dangerous and unstable neighbor who isn’t taking his Zoloft anymore, and who points increasingly powerful weapons down the street at others’ houses, that you can’t just talk the irrational into rationality. They just make more and more demands, and do more and more of the same crap they have been doing. At some point the SWAT team is going to have to bust in their door and take them out, and it could get ugly. Israel is the house at which their neighbor’s nuclear guns will be pointed. They know it, I know it, and you know it.

Unless Obama and Europe step up and hang a very obvious Sword of Damocles over Iran, the latter will ratchet up the nuke program piece by piece and with impunity. Talk is cheap and ultimately fruitless in this situation. At some point, action is needed. Unless either you or I have been in Israel’s shoes, neither of us can comprehend fully how dire this situation is for them; but I do understand that their very existence as a nation and as a people is at stake. Without major changes in foreign policy by the U.S. and Europe, and soon, Israel will finally turn Popeye: “I’ve had alls and I can stands, and I can’t stands no more.” Then, what is destined (some say prophesied) to happen in the Middle East will, a firestorm of epic and perhaps civilization-altering proportions, the likes of which that part of the world hasn’t seen in modern times — and that’s saying something.

Prepare. Compared to literal and figurative fallout from an increasingly probable Israel-Iran war, Iraq and Afghanistan will be tiptoes through tulips. Granted, nothing may happen; but the following scenario isn’t necessarily the product of paranoid doomsayers-for-hire on late-night radio anymore, either. If Israel and Iran cut loose and give it all they’ve got, gasoline will shoot to ten bucks a gallon or more, commerce as we know it cripples as a result, and all sorts of economic upheaval (with resultant social instabilities in the cities) easily could commence.

Carried too far for too long, such a situation would jeopardize society as we know it. Then, after considerable internal fighting and famine, particularly in the cities, the radical left then could achieve their ultimate-green agenda of returning us to the pre-industrial age of zero emissions, tepees and igloos as state-of-the-art residences, and cholera and bubonic plague as effective population control, whereupon most of the topics I ever have discussed in this BLOG would become trivial and irrelevant. After all, who needs a PC or the Internet once we have reverted to the New Bronze Age?

What is there, or perhaps more correctly, who is there among world leadership, to step forward and prevent this dreadful outcome?

The irony is that the backwoods rednecks, upon whom the ivory-tower elites of coastal liberalism heap their greatest derision, are best suited to endure such a scenario logistically and in terms of defensive firepower. That’s probably a good thing. Meanwhile, those pencil-necked purveyors of pomposity who sit in the coffee shops of Brookline, Boulder and Berkeley, deliberating the modern merits of Nietzsche, genuflecting at the toes of their über-green environmental Buddhas, and sneering down their noses at the rural Red Staters, would be among the first extirpated in such a scenario of mass unrest. [Let’s see…defend yourself against the roving packs of urban marauders by threatening to toss a hot latte at ’em? Go for it.]

Meanwhile, as Hank Jr. once sung, country folks can survive.

The good life might not last much longer. In case it doesn’t, enjoy and appreciate what you’ve got, while you’ve got it, and whomever you’ve got it with.


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