New Photo Gallery for 2010 Okie Snow and Ice

The ice did its best to obey the law and STOPped sliding off that sign; but you can proceed without caution! Click over to our new set of imagery from the ice and snow event here in central Oklahoma that took place at the end of January. Elke and I enjoyed a few days off after the winter storm to explore and find interesting subjects to shoot, whether at home or on the road.

We observed and photographed songbirds from the comfort of warm shelter, looking through our back windows, and about half the shots either were in our yard or neighborhood.

After roaming about our immediate proximity and Norman proper, a trip down to Purcell, where the ice had been much thicker, revealed a streetscape littered with downed limbs and trees, and classical ice-storm damage at every turn. We also shot several more photos at the National Weather Center; and those shots appear both in the winter storm gallery and in the ever-growing NWC photo set.

If you haven’t seen the NWC gallery, either in the last few months or at all, check that out also. Just when I think I have photographed that facility and its surroundings in every way, shape and form possible, new opportunities sprout like weeds above the grubs hunted by the resident skunks.


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