After Super Bowl 44

I have to give due props to the citizens of New Orleans, occupants of a city that geophysically has no business existing where it does, for keeping themselves relatively civilized and joyous in celebration after the Saints won the Super Bowl, with only isolated problems, instead of erupting in violent riots as I thought might happen (and as has occurred in some other cities). They needed a morale boost, and the Saints provided it.

As for the game, the first half was rather dull and tentative, but the second was a fun exchange of long scoring drives fueled by masterful short-passing strategies of both teams. In the end, an exceedingly rare mistake by Peyton Manning sealed the deal. Good for the Saints.

Now let’s get the team back in the Super Bowl that belongs there, in their own stadium in 2011, the team that has been to more Super Bowls than any other: the Cowboys!

My favorite commercial was the one depicting Brett Favre as a 50-year old, still waffling on retirement…hilarious! I’m neither a fan nor a hater of the Who, being rather indifferent about most of their music; but their halftime performance was abysmal. Let’s hope the NFL does a better job next year of picking musicians (no more fossilized rockers, please!) to take the halftime stage. Better yet, since it will be in Cowboys Stadium, how about a home-grown Texas act? George Strait comes to mind. He may be getting old, but he’s still cranking out number-one hits; and you know the King of Country Music would keep it classy and family-friendly.


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