The Solution for Abortion Using Logic and Reason

The great majority of the abortion debate is needless. Let me explain why, in a very straightforward way.

1. Abortions result from pregnancies, which result from copulation. Are you with me so far?

1a. Now we shall set aside discussion of rape, incest and necessary abortions to save the mother’s life, which all but the most extreme and marginal fringe would permit, and focus squarely on consensual activity.

2. Next, we know that the overwhelming majority of abortion-producing, consensual copulation happens out of wedlock. Still with me? Good.

3. Consider now that birth control, in all its forms, experiences both direct failure (e.g., broken condoms) and disuse for a variety of reasons. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see pregnancies to begin with on which abortion can be executed.

4. It follows, therefore, with pure logic, that extramarital sex should cease.

5. Abortions, thereafter, virtually vanish.

There you go. This involves individual responsibility on the part of such participants to engage in self restraint and delayed gratification. Pure, practically Spock-like logic therefore dictates this solution to a long-debated and widespread problem.

Does or does not abstinence prevent pregnancy? This is a yes-or-no question, so: Answer me!!!

I know the answer already, and it is…YES.

It really is this simple — no ifs, ands or buts about it: Abstinence outside marriage effectively terminates the abortion problem. It also short-circuits the spread of all manner of venereal diseases, AIDS, and other scourges on the economy and health care systems.

This is the truth!

Some will cry, “That’s not realistic.” I call “Bullsh_t”. Any free choice is as realistic as one wishes to make it. “That’s unrealistic” is no more than a rationalization for weaklings. Anyone who utters that lame cop-out is merely an enabler for every weak-willed individual, male or female, who chooses (and it is a choice) not to exercise self restraint in the face of the consequence of unwanted pregnancy. Want the “right to choose”? There it is.

Notice that I haven’t even brought up religion or morals yet. Those further would bolster the case for abstinence. But even in their absolute absence, application of no more than pure logic and reason solves the abortion problem. Even the hard-core atheist, devoid of wise oversight by a superior spirit or conscience, self-amputated of the often complex and insightful paths of thought that can accompany what is called faith, can and should grasp this concept! Now, it logically follows that, since this nation is comprised almost entirely of religious or nonreligious people, on a fundamental level, almost everyone should clearly and plainly grasp this solution.

In summary: Choose to avoid unmarried sex, and abortions become extremely rare and too small in number to warrant the sort of mass deliberation that has polarized this country.

But no, it’s all about selfish, shortsighted pleasures, damn the consequences…isn’t it? The solution ultimately isn’t in legal regulation or lack thereof, it is in each of us.


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