Sports Illustrated Goes Below the Belt

…in a humorously frivolous way. Check out the scan below. What kind of financing is that, again? Is this going to be a stadium or a giant bordello?

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A Good Weekend of Football

In a season that’s had far to few of them, we Edwardses finally had a rousing-fun football weekend. First, the Sooners went up to KU and took care of business, stifling the #2-rated offense of the Chickenhawks, and marching off Mt. Oread with a 35-13 victory in hand. Maybe it’s a lost season for the […]

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All-Time Dallas Cowboys Team

The complete running back — not the top-ranked at any single skill, but probably the best-ever combined balance of all skills needed for the position. Amazing consistency over a long career. Blessed with uncanny vision and deceptive moves, seldom got hit hard despite being a strong, compact power runner. Legendary toughness…quite literally won a game single-handed with a separated shoulder, rushing for 168 yards and catching 10 passes in what could be the most courageous effort by a running back in NFL history.

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