Forget Oysters, Eat Pearls!

The phenomenon of ridiculous disclaimers has become widespread and well-known in this, the era of cover-your-ass litigation protection. Still, as a longtime booster of idealism and common sense, I found the following to be a sad statement on our tort system, beneath its superficial veneer of humorous overstatement. My teenage daughter was laughing incredulously when […]

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Offseason Storm Chasing Topics

WELL-NAMED PRODUCTS? If I wore watches, I might consider this one… This is just a partial screen capture of their Flash script output, since there’s no direct link to the pertinent information on their site. Is this a good watch for a real storm observer? Beats me! I don’t know the first or last about […]

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A Short-Term Climate Change

In times of loss and sadness, it’s good to get a dose of humor. I’ve always appreciated good-natured satire — MAD magazine was a childhood favorite, and lately I’ve poured pleasurably through some old issues from 20-30 years ago that sat untouched in my closet for a long time. In the same spirit, the following […]

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