New BLOG: “Image of the Week”

Yes, I’ve got another BLOG, to add to this one and to our storm observing logs. I’m excited about this, and eagerly anticipate keeping it humming along for many years to come:

Image of the Week

by Roger Edwards

The very first image is already onboard, a tranquil scene of sailing ships that still serves as my desktop antidote to all of life’s hassles, almost 9 months to the day later.

Once during each week, I’ll select and post one of the favorite and/or memorable photographs from my portfolio, dating back to 1986 but heavily biased toward latter-day digital work. The recent emphasis is because I’ve not scanned many old 35 mm slides yet to my satisfaction, but also, because I wasn’t a very good, consistent or prolific photographer in the early days. With one mouse click, each photo will expandable to at least 600-800 pixels in length for better display on most of today’s screens.

The photos will be a blend of weather and non-weather scenes — whatever strikes a chord of appreciation in any given week. Memories of fantastic moments in the field, whether weather or not, race through my mind on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, so it’s not hard at all to develop candidates in the mind’s eye. The hard but necessary part is to enforce the self-discipline to temper the flood of possibilities and pick just one per week, so it had better be wondrous and/or evocative in some way!

Among those who know me, and some who don’t, it’s no big secret that I thoroughly enjoy sharing spectacular, unusual, awesome, and/or beautiful moments with others through the medium of photography. If I don’t make a dime off it personally, no complaints, although we certainly welcome when someone comes along to SkyPix or the Insojourn stock agency and contacts us with a bag of shekels to offer for image licensing rights. 😉 In the end, though, money is not my motivator; beauty, amazement and education are. It’s likely that I’ll never entirely offset the expenses of photography, and that’s OK.

Although an outdoor majesty, peculiarity or wonder of astonishment only can be portrayed as a two-dimensional, instantaneous image, the entity we call a photograph, it’s still a glimpse into a moment in time that otherwise may never be known or appreciated outside the skull of the photographer. To enjoy an amazing scene and keep it to oneself forevermore is a crying shame. To share it is to provide that glimpse into the beauty around us that so often is missed in a rat-race world.

It’s from that frame of reference — sharing and appreciation — that I’ll post one very special Image of the Week. I hope you enjoy each photograph that arrives, at least a tiny fraction as much as I cherished being there in the moment, to experience and document the subjects. The BLOG has an RSS feed to, so it can be set up to ring your digital bell when another photo arrives the following week.

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