One Big Counterfeit Coin

I’m going to vent on two extremes of the same issue once, and just once, then that’s it.

Here they go again. The gaggle of venom-spewing louts from Westboro “Church” in Topeka is hitting the road, this time to flaunt their time-wasting, inane condemnations and erroneous Biblical interpretations at a high school in Moore. “God hates Moore High School,” they claim, similar to their infamous “God hates (slur for homosexuals)” rubbish. God doesn’t “hate” anyone, but there’s no convincing these buffoons of it. There must be some really gullible and ignorant folks willing to believe such egregious inversion and falsification of of God’s Scripture-revealed personality. How on Earth does such activity possibly keep going (maybe it’s not Earth, but something/someone below), and who is paying for it all? I’ve got a theory, but more on that later.

I’ve loosely watched Westboro and others of similar persuasion for over a decade now, ever since someone I knew who was a homosexual activist and aspiring Christian minister (a contradiction in roles if ever there was one) held them up as typical of all Christians who refuse to endorse homosexual behavior as not only normal, but even holy (!). Meanwhile, this individual hypocritically condemned mainstream Christian conservatives, and any and all who disagreed with her own narrow, absurd, contextually overdependent misinterpretations of scripture, as “hatemongers”. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Now that is just as closed-minded, intolerant and despicable as Westboro. Yes, I mean so-called “Soulforce” and other misguided Mel White apologists. [I’m not going to delve directly into the “gay theology” here, since this astute fellow dissects and refutes it quite thoroughly and masterfully.]

To turn evil into good and good into evil is another form of Scriptural inversion, one of the classic tactics of the Enemy of God, and the “gay Christian” movement has that diabolical skill honed to a finely tuned art of deceit and deception, a spiritual narcotic custom-manufactured for the human sponges of self-professed victimhood to absorb with addictive fervor.

The truth, as so often is the case, is somewhere in the middle, between the extremes and far from either. But good luck convincing those who have fallen hook, line and sinker for the brainwashing represented by either perspective represented by Westboro or “gay Christian” theology!

I see both as two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

Maybe that’s no coincidence. “Gay theology” and Westboro are the Yin to the other’s Yang, mirror images, equally off-base and off-center, equally whacked out, equally dependent on the other’s existence for self-justification, and for bogus portrayal of spiritual martyrdom. And moreover, each view is quite comparable in its passionate extremism and detest for those with whom it disagrees — the main difference being that Westboro at least is more up-front and obvious with it, to a cartoonish and almost comical degree, while “gay theology” depends on pseudo-therapeutic psychological manipulation, centered on bad behavior theologically inverted into good behavior. So-called “gay Christian” thinking comprises a more insidious and spiritually malignant affliction in that it can seem quite accepting and legitimate to the weak and gullible. It’s effortless to ignore the obvious clowns, but no so easy to dismiss evil masquerading as love.

Might is be possible that “gay theology” needs Westboro to serve as a convenient example, and vice versa, in order to justify one another’s equally mistaken and destructive worldviews? I’ve long wondered if Westboro, whether to their knowledge or not, are being funded under the table by the purveyors of “gay theology”. Just wondered…because it wouldn’t surprise me. Just as race-baiters need racists to exist in order to justify their spew, just as radical feminists need abortion clinic terrorists, and vice versa…so does “gay theology” need Westboro. After all, extremists must have their mirrored counter-examples to thrust aloft in shrill misrepresentation of all who don’t support their narrow agenda. Maybe, just maybe, Westboro survives and thrives because of the financial support of their primary stated enemy, even if anonymously. I wouldn’t know for sure of course…but it would be ironic, and quite logical when you think about it.

They all give Christianity a bad name, a black eye, a scarlet letter of shame, a focal point for ridicule. I wish “gay theology” and its Westboro opposite would both just go away, or get together in the form of matter and antimatter and render a neutral nothingness in the resulting space, but they won’t. Nope, instead and indeed, they are two sides of the same counterfeit coin! Flip one over and you find the other. I don’t hate any of them, but I do pity them for their ignorance and self-deception.

Let’s not try to spend that coin by presenting either side as legit. Westboro message…”gay Christian” message…phooey on both. They’ve both irritated me to some degree, off and on, for 15 years, but through faith I have become so secure and so confident in my own spirituality that they most certainly don’t worry me or threaten my beliefs. The demons, therefore, are hereby shed, cast aside, figuratively speaking. From here on, neither Westboro “God hates you” crapola nor the great “gay theology” falsehood is worth my time, and this will be the first and last I have to say in this space about either. Onward with more important things!


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