State-Supported Election Fraud

Now the Coleman/Franken Senate election in Minnesota is being swung away from its original tally by speculative guesswork on the part of ballot counters. Insane! Where are we as a country when elections are decided in this corrupt way?

Clearly there’s an agenda. This makes Palm Beach’s Buchanan “votahs” in 2000 seem like child’s play. Judge voter “Intent”? Give me a break! How can any board objectively/systematically/consistently assess that? They can’t! Different standards are being used for different sets of ballots, simply by virtue that the same person isn’t doing the guessing. The deeper problem is the whole revisionistic process is exactly that: guessing! Is this the way to call an election? For the sake of our nation, I hope not, but it seems to have come to this. Welcome to Amerika.

My solution: Ballots like the one with a smudge between the two ovals should be disregarded. Ballots marked only for one candidate should go to that candidate, whatever the mark. Ballots marked for neither should go to neither. Ballots marked for both should be discarded, whatever the mark. Applied equally to all ballots, these standards should favor neither candidate, unless it can be shown that far more Franken or Coleman voters had some sort of dyslexic condition. That ain’t going to happen.

Instead, this vote is being rigged after-the-fact — election fraud perpetrated by the state at taxpayer expense. I hope Minnesotans will rise against this anti-democratic (lower case d) outrage and petition for a new election.


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