Saffir and Simpson Need Good Home

Last week, when I was at the NOAA Hurricane Conference at NHC (Miami), I had the privilege of making a few new friends. Two of them were of the feline variety. These little furballs, roughly 4-5 month old shorthair kittens nicknamed (what else?) Saffir and Simpson by the staff, have been hanging out around the NHC and WFO Miami building for awhile now, occasionally taking offerings of a paper plate of cat food.


Saffir (photo from above) is the more outgoing of the two, very affectionate after an initial 20-30 seconds of mild hesitation, followed by sniffing, then abundant rubbing and willingness to be petted.


Simpson (photo while looking up from a butt-bathing) is shy, but eventually will come around and let you pet him — especially if he sees Saffir getting lots of attention.

Both of them like to sun themselves on the sidewalk or light containers during the midday and afternoon, and hide in the landscaping bushes around the facility in the morning.

Saffir and Simpson could use a good home, preferably together since they’re obviously buddies (and maybe even siblings). I heard, while I was there, that someone was going to contact the local SPCA. They would make good pets for somebody, safer than where they are now near several busy streets.


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