Skin Color: Irrelevant!

Isn’t it more than mildly hypocritical of the mass media at large to make such a fuss about B.H. Obama’s race lately — all the fawning and swooning over his supposedly being the “first black President” (which is factually false anyway; he is, literally speaking, mulatto). Yet, somehow, discussion of his race was taboo before the election. Now it’s not. What gives? The capacity of “journalism” to engage in double standards on a massive scale is endless.

Then consider those who voted either for or against this candidate, at least in part, because of his skin color. Such behavior makes it clear that racial prejudice itself is not monopolized by any particular race or creed, or by right or left.

My take: Shut up about the guy’s race. It’s unrelated to his capacity to perform the job. I personally don’t give a crap about his skin color. Neither should the media, and neither should you. What matters are his record, position on the issues and actions in office. Anything on which I may support or (primarily) oppose him is related to the issues and to his agenda and character, and nothing else. Race is absolutely, positively irrelevant. To those who think otherwise, whether on the far-right or left: Get out of the Jim Crow era and get over it.


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