God Help This Nation

A day of reckoning dawns across America as we wake to the realization that a majority of voters have been seduced by the allure of some nice-looking, sweet-tasting Kool-Aid, empty of nutrition and likely laced with toxins. Those who have fallen in swooning enrapturement for this New Great Deception have performed an act that will put the most radically leftist serious candidate in American history into the Oval Office in January 2009. Shouts of joy resound from Harvard to Boulder to Berkeley, and even can be heard from deep within the crypts of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.

Some others who still are alive, who undoubtedly revel with great joy in these results, include: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Osama bin Laden, Mahmoud Abbas, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-Il, Hugo Chavez, Bashar al-Assad, Evo Morales, Mullah Mohammed Omar, Vladimir Putin, and a host of subordinate and affiliated vermin strewn throughout the worldwide cesspool of treachery. All of them are ready and eager to walk with impunity all over the facile and accommodating figure whose given name is Barack Hussein Obama. This naive and ignorant puppy doesn’t have a clue of the level of evil present in the den of fanged serpents with which he has been elected to deal.

For those who voted for Obama: Congratulations. I hope the Kool-Aid tasted good on the way down. He asked you to vote for “change we can believe in,” when what you really were after was “change from Bush,” or in other words, “change for the sake of change.” You’ll get change, all right — an ultra-left, one-party government under oppressive Democrat control for at least two years. With that shall come policies signed into law that result in the following… Infanticide of the unborn at levels never before seen. Formal recognition of morally counterfeit “marriage” of tens of thousands of homosexuals. Increased risk for terror at home and abroad. Weaker military. Unprecedented empowerment of terrorists and dictators abroad, and shocking American concessions and apologies to them. Forced membership of the unwilling in corrupt labor unions. Higher taxes of all kinds and the economic doldrums that inevitably result. Either 1) The Tigris and Euphrates running red with blood of innocent Iraqis caught in an anarchic hellfire resulting from the absence of our troops, or 2) A broken promise to you that the troops will return in 16 months. All gift-wrapped with a shiny smile and a lot of persuasive smooth talk about hope, change, and the future.

While a few of these may reward your “audacity of hope,” remember: extremist policies invariably bring backlash, perhaps as soon as the 2010 Congressional elections. If your Chosen One signs too much radical “change” into law, there will be a pushback from the people, and you won’t like what this does to the makeup of Congress later on.

For those who voted for McCain: Pray. Plan and strategize for your future, financially and logistically. If you have kids, monitor carefully their schools’ teachings and be prepared to counterbalance them at home, as ever more bizarre ideas infiltrate their classrooms. Keep the pressure on your senators and representatives. And come up with creative solutions for keeping the Supreme Court justices as healthy as possible for at least four years, encourage their good nutrition and use of vitamins, and be glad they have access to world-class medical care. Take some convoluted measure of comfort in the idea that this election could be a blessing in disguise — short term pain for long term gain. The inevitability of outrageous concepts such as the so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” forced taxpayer support of abortionist and homosexual institutions, premature troop withdrawal from Iraq (with resulting anarchy), and higher taxes on small business, all being signed into law…these happenings can and must evoke popular backlash from the sensible middle of America as well as the predictably conservative bloc. It will take place. The upcoming administration is overflowing with hubris, born of a false sense of semi-messianic manifest destiny that borders on the delusional. As such, it cannot help itself. It will go too far, act too radically too fast. In the end, after enduring a painful period, this will result in some balance returned.

In the meantime, hold your noses, batten down any loose finances, brace yourself for a lot of punishing news, watch your local schools’ curricula and texts like a hawk, and, once again, pray for the nation.


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