BLOG Software Migration Complete

Good afternoon.  After several problems with security, poor SPAM filtering for comments and track-backs, slow performance, and general user unfriendliness on my end, we finally flushed Movable Type and switched the entire BLOG to Word-Press. 

This includes all the previous entries and underlying database.  Word-Press has a different file naming convention, which rendered all links to previous entries invalid.  Elke, bless her heart, had to go through and update the links one-by-one, since that didn’t happen automatically.  Still, if you happen across an unresponsive link to another BLOG entry, let me know and I’ll fix that.

As for comments, be patient. I’m still learning the new software, including protocol for enabling and posting comments; but I sure know how to delete and disable them! I’ll try to post a few comments that folks have sent me via e-mail once this is sorted out and I’m comfortable with the process.

We’re also considering some relatively unobtrusive web ads (at the bottom of the BLOG page) to offset the costs in overhead, as long as I have power of pre-approval over any advertising content. It’s not a done deal, so we shall see…

{LATE EDIT} If you got here via web link or bookmark, you’ve been redirected from the old address. Note the new URL:


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