Today’s Sociopolitical Incitement

Thanks to JEvans for forwarding me this link to a thought provoking essay on the greater unsaid agenda behind environmental extremism, and how it is becoming normalized, mainstream behavior for the Democratic Party — including it’s current deity du jour, B. Hussein Obama. My only change would be that the movement he represents, cloaked in a deceptive veneer of “audacious hope,” is far more socialist than fascist.

For all the hand-wringing over climate change on both sides of the fence (most of it driven by underlying dogmatic agendas), I’ve got the simple solution for whatever shifts may occur: adapt! We are, by innate origin, a tropical species anyway. And if technological assistance and innovation cannot aid us in any adaptation necessary, then so be it. Humanity isn’t promised a free ride on this ball of water and dirt.

The possibilities of warm climate shifts don’t bother me a tiny fraction as much as the reactionary extremism to the most speculatively grandiose of those possibilities, and the consequences thereof on the social and economic fabric of the greatest and most powerful nation the world ever has known. Sure, I personally believe it’s dumb to drive SUVs around unless they’re going to be taken off-road and used for their constructed purpose. Sure, I would like for my own vehicle to be more fuel efficient — or for my 6′-3″ frame, my family that includes an even taller 12 year old son, and all my gear, to fit comfortably in smaller cars. Sure, I would love to see far more people put true effort into conserving energy and resources (after all, isn’t conserving at the definitional root of conservatism?).

But that’s up to the consumer to decide, not the government to decide for us. I got solar hot water and geothermal systems, and set up recycling bins at home, because I freely chose to conserve, not because anyone else (especially in government) told me to, and most certainly not because of any guilt-trip spewed by the green goblins of environmental nannyhood. So if B. Hussein Obama doesn’t want me eating a great American corn-fed steak, I’ll tell him exactly where to stick his granola bars (that come packaged in petroleum-derived plastic, BTW). Same goes for anyone else amongst the babbling lemmings of leftism that will follow this guy into their delusional dreamscape of socialist rule.

Still, despite BHO’s abject lack of substance or of expertise in anything in particular (outside of smooth talking), a perfect storm of events may well put this shyster in the Oval Office. For reasons both justified and not, Republicans in general are unpopular at this time. BHO and his unprecedented campaign wealth have vanquished the Wicked Witch of Arkansas/Chicago/New York and (on the surface) folded her into his web. He’s charismatic, cunning, clever, with a shiny smile and a smooth style — someone who could con most folks out of the lint in their pockets and sell it back to them for a hundred bucks. Gifted by virtue of birthplace with the street sense of my inner-city background, I can see straight through his game like a new windshield. Apparently, however, too many millions of others haven’t had to deal with enough used car salesmen, dice throwers and downtown wristwatch hustlers to develop that ability. And they’re going to vote for him.

This modern day snake oil salesman is running against a very old man in John McCain who, much as I respect him and his vastly superior Presidential credentials, simply may not be able to keep up oratorically in the media sound-bite game to which the huge majority of voters are so pathetically gullible. The West Coast and Northeast are, by in large, bastions of leftism and, as such, already lost to electoral insanity. But if BHO somehow can convince the bulk of far more sensible Middle America to vote for him, it will be the most impressive con job ever performed on a group of tens of millions.

Not on me. Unless John McCain chooses an absolute moron as his running mate (in which case I would abstain, given the natural lifespan of someone his age and the potential the running mate may become President), I’m voting for the Arizona senator and Vietnam POW. I fear I won’t be in the majority.

Say, how big of a “carbon footprint” is B. Hussein Obama’s campaign and its fawning media entourage leaving anyway? This hypocrisy alert was brought to you by red-state sensibility. 😉


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  1. MarkHedley on September 21st, 2008 8:37 am

    Great post Roger. Just found it after skating backwards through your blog from the other post about Palin. I can’t agree more. While even Bush and the Congress Republicans currently in office have been way too liberal with govt. spending for my taste, when I add up all the check marks on the issues, McCain is a clear winner. Maybe all these sheltered limousine liberals writing for Newsweek in Boulder and Time in NY that ask how McCain could possibly be even in the polls, should go to Wal Mart in places like Holdrege NE or Paducah KY and talk to some real people for once instead of clueless idiot celebrities like Brad Pitt or Woody Allen, then they’d know why McCain has so much support despite Republican failures lately!

    I’m just glad McCain didn’t “choose an absolute moron”. Palin has her shortcomings, but she’s something Barack Huseein isn’t: AUTHENTIC.

    Speaking of Newsweek, ever hear about how Boulder is 15 square miles surrounded by reality? Maybe those ivory tower elitists, you know the type, they’re better than us because they’ve got Ph-D’s and run 10 miles a day, they’ll all get sick from some bad tofu right before election day so McCain can take Colorado. Would be sweet.

    Keep up the good fight from the right right.

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