Fake Martyrs and Fictitious Death Wishes

Here it is the beginning of February, and I realized that I didn’t post anything on the BLOG for the whole month of January. I don’t recall, but it might be a first in the history of Weather or Not.

There hasn’t been much of interest worth discussing, until the last few days, and even then, only marginally worthwhile…but here goes anyway.

Some observant friends have sent me copies of assorted BLOG entries from the sorry, rather predictable world of online whiners, that consists largely of baseless claims about things I’ve supposedly said or done. Judging by some of the access IPs and pings dredged from the log of this site, it seems these purveyors of paranoid victimhood in the world of digital storm-geekdom have been trolling for material. Troll away! I have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of.

I stand tall and strong and without apologies behind everything I’ve written in this BLOG and in my essays. It’s all there, and it isn’t going anywhere. And neither am I. If anyone hates me for it, their problem…not mine. I consider hate directed toward me because of my steadfast principles as a badge of honor. So I thank those who care enough to hate me for my firm stands on storm-chasing yahoo behavior and any other topics discussed herein.

Earth to whiners: Grow up. Deal with it. Get a life. You don’t anger me, because your semi-literate spew is not worth the stress. You don’t scare me, because I fear no man, nor do I have a reason to. You don’t irritate as much as you amuse me. Simply by your words and deeds, you verify exactly the points I’ve made about chase yahoos better than I ever could.

One of my steadfast creeds is honesty, so what does bother me are flat-out lies. One was that I did some ugly traffic maneuver on 4 May 2003 somewhere in SE KS or MO. That would be news to me, because I didn’t even chase that day. Too bad, too, given how many powerful and photogenic tornadoes occurred in those parts. But when I wish I could have been driving toward that area, instead I was sound asleep here in Norman, coming off a night shift.

There is another patently false claim floating about the rumor mill that I will lay to rest, right here and now. That claim is that I have a “death wish” for yahoo chasers. If those who make this claim actually would bother to look at everything I’ve written in this BLOG, they won’t find any “death wish” written by me. In fact, the last thing I desire to happen is a casualty from reckless behavior, because that will be a terrible thing for everyone involved with storm observing, and most importantly, the families and friends of the person(s) involved.

Do I dread that it will happen? Absolutely. I’m convinced of its inevitability, actually, as more and more meteorological ignoramuses clog the roads, overconfident in their cluelessness about storm behavior, and perform dangerous and illegal driving stunts around storms in the name of making cash off “XTREME VIDEO.” In the process, innocent people may be hurt or killed too, which would compound the tragedy most of all.

But I have absolutely, positively no death wish for anyone. That issue is hereby settled…door shut, case closed.

Otherwise, most of the material folks have forwarded to me involves resentment over the private CFDG forum or the so-called “chaser elite” (which is pure myth) and amounts to little more than false martyrdom — claims of victimhood concocted to evoke a siege mentality and elicit sympathy.

Whatever is written on the outside of such material, the message from within is clear as can be: “WAAAHHHH…I’m an insecure little wuss who wants to cry and moan about something, and today it’s about not belonging to that group!”

It’s all an act, nothing more, nothing less; and those who engage in it are posers and weaklings. Individuals, desperate for attention and sympathy and some insecure need for belonging, practice this in failing relationships, and it’s called manipulation. The Nazis and Soviets practiced this on a large scale, and it was called propaganda. I call it what it is in this context: bullshit.

Back to your regularly scheduled uneventfulness…football season is over, and storm season in the Southern Plains still is a few weeks away, at least.


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