Darwin, Darwin, Darwin, Darwin, Darwin and more Darwin

In checking the activity log for this BLOG, I’ve noticed dozens upon dozens of searches for “Darwin” over the past several weeks, appearing out of nowhere. That’s interesting, because when such a search is performed, all that comes up (until this post, anyway) is a brief mention of a quote from a storm chasing lecture by Chuck Doswell embedded within a broader tribute to David Hoadley.

So what should a good BLOGger do when pinged so much for such scant and surely insufficient material? Given the sudden and unexpected surge in interest on the topic of “Darwin” amongst site searchers here, and my current benevolent and helpful mood, what other choice is there but to provide the reader with a good source for all things Darwin? At least now, when searching this site for that name, something useful should show up!

My initial assumption was that the searches are related to British naturalist Charles Darwin. I haven’t said much about Darwinism on this site, but this is a logical place to begin. There certainly is no shortage of information available regarding that old, dead dude, so here are just a few of the highlights:

CHARLES DARWIN: Wikipedia article | The Complete Work of Charles Darwin online | Charles Darwin In His Own Words (pictorial bio by Danny Vendramini) | 1871 editorial cartoon by Thomas Nast | Amazon.com books by and about Charles Darwin | Darwin’s bibliography | Erasmus Darwin (Charles’ grandpaw) | George Darwin (Charles’ son, a mathematician)

It is probable that my initial assumption may be true, but given the single-word nature of the searches, that may not be the case, necessarily. So here are what I hope will be valuable resources for other Darwin related seekers also.

DARWIN, AUSTRALIA: Wikipedia (great lightning photo of “west season storm at night” there!) | Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre | Tourism | Interactive Google map | latest weather obs from Autralian BoM | Darwin City Council | Annual Beer Can Regatta

DANNY DARWIN: This former Texas Rangers pitcher has some online information, including… Baseball Referencestats | SI stats |Wiki bio

DARWIN SPEARING: Author of geology books for laymen, including Roadside Geology of Texas (Amazon listing and E-pinions review) | Roadside Geology of Wyoming (with David Lageson, Amazon listing) | Roadside Geology of Louisiana (Amazon listing)

OTHER THINGS DARWIN: The Darwin Awards | Apple’s Darwin source code releases (open-source Unix version for Mac OS) | The ESA’s Darwin space telescopes | Darwin College at Cambridge University (England) | Darwin Calculus theorem prover | Darwin Professional Underwriters (no endorsement implied) | Darwin Chambers Co. (no endorsement implied) |World’s largest ball of twine, Darwin, Minnesota | Darwin Brewery (U.K.) | Darwin’s Stained Glass and Antique Slot Machines

There’s no guarantee on the longevity or freshness of these links; but they’re good as of 0413 CST, 8 Dec 7. I do hope these resources help those who are on the quest for Darwin related information of all sorts.


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