Christmas Wishes for the Shift Workers

It’s Christmas Eve night, and folks are in their own homes or those of family or friends, celebrating the birth of our Lord, and all the good and great things that means.

Let us remember that not everybody is home. Hundreds of thousands of people are working tonight, and will be on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, as they do regardless of whether it is a weekend, late night or any particular holiday. It is for all my fellow shift workers that I extend a special wish tonight.

In no particular order, Merry Christmas to you…

…operational meteorologists
…law enforcement officers of all kinds
…air traffic controllers
…emergency room doctors
…and nurses and aides and clerks at hospitals
…convenience store clerks and cleaners
…emergency call center workers and dispatchers
…cleaning crews in every 24-hour operation
…transporters, whether by rail, air or truck
…utility crews and everyone keeping our power on
…national security
…private security
…the merchant marine
…captains, pilots and drivers transporting cargo or people
…support crews for bus, train and airline operations
…those who deliver ’round the clock
…workers in manufacturing plants open on nights and holidays
…waiters, cooks and porters
…hotel clerks, cleaners and maintenance crews
…electronic systems operators and maintainers
…off-hours news and sports reporters and support staff
…radio and TV broadcasters not on day shifts
…farm and ranch workers
…park rangers
…sports, concert and festival event staff
…and anybody else you can imagine in any facility that’s operating on holidays, nights and/or weekends.

Because you’re watching over something very important in this great land; keeping the water, electricity, gas and information flowing; keeping mission-critical systems working; or helping and protecting us from threats of all kinds, whether natural or man-made. There are some I left off the list, for sure, but not on purpose.

And in a very deliberate high priority, may Christmas blessings wash over our troops at home and abroad — defenders of freedom worldwide, flag-bearers for liberty, who either put their lives on the line at all hours of every day, or may be called upon to do so at any time. These national heroes have fought, and sometimes died, in order that we all still are free to say, Merry Christmas.


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