[No Excuse Zone] An Inexcusable Triumvirate

I’ve got three “No Excuse Zone” entries accumulated just from the last few days, so instead of posting them one at a time, it’s a batch job instead!  In chronological order:

1. SPRINKLIN’ IN THE RAIN:  The sprinklers alongside Jenkins Ave., at the National Weather Center, were blasting water at full force in the rain as Tropical Storm Erin moved by.  Yes, rain was in the local forecast, even if most folks didn’t expect the 7-10 inch storm totals we got across Norman.  This comes just a few weeks after they were left on for most of a weekend, saturating soil and causing untold hundreds — perhaps thousands – of gallons of water waste down the parking lot.  I love that building, but there clearly still are some problems to iron out!

2. GLAD I MARRIED A SMART BLOND!  Stated by the attractive but self-evidently ignorant Kate Godwin of KOCO Channel 5 in OKC, on the night of Aug. 18:  “Water is accumulating on tree limbs and these limbs are now falling on power lines.”  There’s no adjective in my vocabulary that does justice to the monumental absurdity of that.  It speaks for itself!  Thanks MADman for showing me the video.

3. JUSTICE DEPT. SNOOPING ON LIL’ OL’ ME?  Grab your pencils, conspiracy freaks.  According to my activity log, a newly installed feature as of today, the domain of the US Dept. of Justice (via nameserver JUSTICE2.USDOJ.GOV) ran a search for “accuweather” on my BLOG at about 1525 EDT (Washington time), 22 Aug 2007.  How long has this been going on?  Make of it what you will.  


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