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ADMIN NOTE:  Over the past few days, Elke has loaded the latest version of MT, which supposedly does better at filtering out SPAM comments and which has some other handy widgets that I haven’t yet seen or tried.  The new version, unlike the one we were using, is database driven, which is a distinct plus.   

In the meantime, a few comments may have been lost during this software load and transition, especially if they happened to have the unfortunate timing of arriving during repacking of the site or (re)building of the database.  Elke thinks one or two comments might have been lost.  If anybody happened to send one since last weekend, and it hasn’t showed up beneath the post upon which the comment should be affixed, it might have been flung into the irretrievable ether.  Please resend.

I’ll post shortly an item I’ve been holding onto for a few days while the upgrade was being done.


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  1. Anonymous on August 24th, 2007 2:32 pm

    Last night, it came to my attention that some old entries (I don’t know how many yet) contain bad links to other, previous entries in this BLOG. This obviously happened when we “upgraded” to a database-driven version of MT, and the new software moved old archival materials around. Elke’s looking for a systematic (batch) way to find and fix those incorrect links; and if she can’t, I’ve got to seek-n-change them one by one, beginning with the earliest 2005 entries and proceeding forward until whenever the links work again. We’ve got better things to do with our time, that’s for sure…but will get those internal links fixed one way or another.

    ===== Roger =====

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