Back Home and BLOGging again

After a long and fun early-mid June vacation, we’re back home and getting caught up with a great deal of matters that accumulated in our absence.

This year I just didn’t get in the mood for much BLOGging while on the road, probably because we were either back to our lodging late and in tired condition, or because we were doing fun outdoor things such as storm observing, outdoor photography and exploration, and fishing.

Yes, I “finally* remembered to take my fishin’ tackle with me on chase vacation this year. Caught my first northern pike (in North Platte NE), as well as some other nice fish too, including some bass, crappie, rainbow trout, and perhaps funniest, a 28-inch channel cat on a spinnerbait in Emporia KS. Go figure…

Anyway, as time permits over the next few weeks, I’ll post chase accounts with pictures to our Storms Observed This Year BLOG. We saw a couple of tornadoes, photographed another few suspicious “maybenado” lowerings in the distance, and missed a few other tornadoes because of being on a different storm. That’s how it goes!

Once again it was a rejuvenating and rewarding time out there on the Great Plains, as always, for us both, and in many senses (photographic, aesthetic, immersive, and even spiritual).

Until I start to load up some of the chase accounts from May 31 onward, please check out this entry from the website of my former NSSL director and fellow severe storms scientist Bob Maddox regarding the RAOB Replacement System (with Tucson as the poster child). If you believe the new NWS sounding systems are “good to go,” think again. Bob’s got news for you…

MadWeather by Bob Maddox

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  1. Gilbert on July 17th, 2007 12:31 pm

    For another sobering look at the RRS, see:

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