Brief Blurbs on Football and Politics

Even if they have a couple of setbacks the rest of the season, the OU football team and their coaches proved something to me today: They’ve got guts and composure. After losing Superman to the Kryptonite of a busted collarbone, OUr offense could have wilted; but thanks to Paul Thompson’s calm leadership and Kevin Wilson’s creative playcalling, they’re staying in the big bowl picture.

Against a dangerous, big-play Mizzou squad, in noisy Faurot Field, they kept their heads and didn’t panic under big-play pressure from a fearless, dangerous, dual-threat QB named Chase Daniel. OU’s defense allowed plenty of yards but only one TD…and that was after a turnover. By the end of the game they had pounded and harassed Daniel into a quivering, jittery ghose of his usual self. This defense finally is getting its act together, living up to preseason hype by forcing turnovers and giving the offense a short field to work with.

On offense, Allen Patrick needs to protect the ball better, but he’s got an explosive burst and is quite fast. His coaches are giving him a bigger workload than Adrian Peterson had, with 35-36 carries per game. He doesn’t bust loose for AD’s weekly 65-yard rocket launch, but gets consistent 6-10 yard bursts thanks to better blocking than AD had against stacked fronts. If Patrick can pay some more attention to his cutback lanes and cradle the ball more tightly, as I expect the coaches to emphasize, he’ll be quite dangerous to opponents in his own right. Looks like he already is. Next week comes another tough road test against an mediocre but emotional A&M team in the haunted house known as Kyle Field.


On a quick political note: Recently this ad came to my attention, by a Congressional candidate whom I already had come to admire for his steadfastness under a blistering, relentless and patently insulting barrage of political fire from the left:

Vernon Robinson for Congress

The great thing is that it isn’t a smear ad against his opponent by name, but rather a brilliantly devised, easy to understand statement on exactly where this candidate stands and what’s wrong with his opponents’ ideas. This, while his opposition attacks him as a person, of course, calling him an Uncle Tom, traitor, and worse.

Of course, it helps that I agree with his stated positions, but if I lived in that district I would vote for him without reservation. I admire his guts and fearlessness to take controversial stands on principle. I wish there were a lot more Vernon Robinsons out there, and I hope he maintains his ideals as a Congressman.


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