BLOGging Again on a New Host

It’s been quiet…too quiet. I’ve been unable to do any BLOGging lately because of technical difficulties arising from a move of the Stormeyes domain to a new hosting provider. The old one (CiHost) was getting too costly for the limited options, seeming inability to provide database flexibilities and services common to other hosts, and almost uniformly lame and untimely Level I support for almost any outage or problem.

Our inability to keep a promise to reliably host a private BB, thanks to CiHost’s crappy provisions, was the last straw. So we’ve got all Stormeyes material (including weather data pages, photo galleries, and BBs) on a new host, which I will name if they prove over time to be as worthy as advertised.

During this ca. 2-week transition period, I’ve had a couple of interesting, educational and very worthwhile storm intercepts in SW Texas and eastern OK, which are now discussed on our storm chasing BLOG. Check ’em out. Meanwhile, like it or not, this BLOG is back on the air and ready to rumble. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, all the old entries have been imported and are available using the link listings at lower right of this page. The domain and address of this BLOG have not changed, so there’s no need to update bookmarks or RSS feeds.

===== Roger =====


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