Online Tornado FAQ still online!

The Online Tornado FAQ now is online only at . Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

The Online Tornado FAQ is not present right now on the SPC web server because of a new regulation prohibiting the use of anything but fully public domain imagery on an NWS website — even if the photographers have granted written permission for its copyright-restricted use.

The FAQ uses a lot of user-contributed personal photography which folks have been generous enough to allow over the years, in order to best illustrate concepts. The amount of time and effort that it would take to seek total public domain release of some imagery, remove the rest, rewrite content, re-code links, hunt for and format purely public domain imagery of at least equal quality and relevance to the concepts (if it exists) — all for what would be a smaller and less informative site in the end — is prohibitive, especially during severe storm season.

A reduced version may return to the original website eventually, but this will be the fullest and most up to date Tornado FAQ from here onward. Also, a major modernized redesign is being considered at the new address to make the FAQ even more user friendly and attractive.

The Stormeyes version has been the mirror site for the “government” version at http// . The mirror — now the full time site — exists on a nonprofit weather site ( The Online Tornado FAQ remains purely for educational and informative purposes, as it has been since I started it the FAQ in 1997.

All content on the Tornado FAQ was created in the public domain and remains so — except for copyrighted photos. People wishing to use such imagery must get permission from the person named on the photo. The Online Tornado FAQ is being provided in full and without further interruption — as a free educational service to anyone and everyone.

If you have any questions, e-mail me offline (TORNADO at STORMEYES dot ORG).


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  1. Susan on April 10th, 2006 8:25 am

    That was an excellent presentation you gave at the Ohio State Severe Weather Symposium, Roger. Unfortunately, I suspect there’s going to have to be a sanguinary disaster before anyone sits up and pays attention….

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