[No Excuse Zone] Moron on the Loose in Miami

I’ve been having a good time on this business trip to South Florida, and still am. So do not let this little rant deceive you into believing otherwise. It’s just a tiny pimple on the face of a fine, fun trip so far. Here goes…

Tonight (Nov. 30 in Eastern time) I noticed this classical specimen of thoughtlessness and arrogance.

Kendall Drive Klunker Parked Moronically

This was at the parking lot for the Barnes and Noble bookstore, Kendall Drive near the Florida Turnpike, Miami. Nobody can convince me that this driver was trying to do anything but take up two spaces, on purpose.

This lot was jam-packed, every space taken, and I had to wait around 10 minutes in a line just to get one. Yet the self-absorbed, haughty prince(ss) of pomposity driving this vehicle decided that it deserved two spaces as others waited for just one. This not only is arrogant, but constitutes theft — of other people’s time and space.

Exactly who appointed that person to the title of Most Important Driver in Kendall, or this silly little tin box as Most Important Car in South Florida? The gall!

I don’t endorse vandalism whatsoever, nor did I even think of committing any. Having had my car keyed before (for no reason at all) I abhor and detest such acts. Instead, and far more damaging in the long run, I took these pictures so the moronic behavior of its driver can live indefinitely online.

But face reality here, even if the driver obviously doesn’t. The world being as it is — especially in a big city — the hard, cold truth is that this kind of act is a sure ticket to having one’s car deliberately dented, keyed, tires deflated…or worse, by someone with far less patience and restraint than I. This is the East Coast, afterall, and given the mentality of many residents here, I can all but guarantee it will happen to this vehicle at some point if its driver continues to insist on behaving this way.

Instead of protecting their precious vehicle against damage, they’re inviting it. Such is life in a petty and vengeful society, and such reality sucks sometimes.

So here is the license plate number, as a service to the owner, in the event someone who knows him/her can enlighten them to their risky actions, and perhaps save them a good bit of ansgt in the future. Hey, I have to salvage some fleeting modicum of benevolence from this diatribe! 🙂

License Plate of Kendall Drive Klunker

I’ve seen this particularly annoying breed of dripping conceit before, almost everywhere I’ve lived and in many places I’ve traveled. It’s definitely not unique to Miami, where I used to live and still visit annually. In fact, it’s only by happenstance I haven’t noticed it around Norman since I started BLOGing. But I will. And you can bet the photos will also appear here. Arrogant bung-holes beware. I’m on the lookout and will expose it publicly if you present the opportunity through your self-centered thoughtlessness.

Somehow, as much as I’ve seen this occur, it never fails to bother me, when seemingly far greater troubles don’t. Maybe this is because it’s a sure symptom of perhaps the greatest trouble on this earth today: selfishness. [Under that umbrella fall all other vices. Think about it.] We all do selfish things, but some seem far more brazen about it than others, almost to the point that they want the world to see how ridiculous they are, as if it’s a badge of honor.

Front of Kendall Drive Klunker, Parked Wrong

This is an undeniable example of wanton arrogance, conveying a distasteful misproritization of self over others that — perhaps saddest of all — belies and besmirches that beautiful and holy cross in the window. Shame on him or her.


3 Responses to “[No Excuse Zone] Moron on the Loose in Miami”

  1. M. buler on December 7th, 2005 9:29 pm

    Jerks like this are why you should carry a bar of soap in your glove box. This way you don’t do any damage and the moron gets to share the pain. You don’t even have to be obscene when you write your opinion of them on their windows. My personal favorite is “dickhead”.

  2. Scott on March 20th, 2006 3:09 pm

    Maybe it’s too late to be adding a comment to a December topic, but…sometimes I wonder, Roger, why you didn’t go into law enforcement instead of severe weather. With your zeal for truth and right behavior and your obvious intelligence, I’ll bet you could make a very effective FBI agent or big-city police detective.

    If NOAA budget cuts finally become too onerous, perhaps there’s a second career waiting for you?

  3. D.S on June 4th, 2006 6:38 pm

    Hey! Brother this is Miami, Latin land… this kind of people is the people who make miami special, si no te gusta vete pa el coño brother

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