Curmudgeon of the West

How refreshing it is to find that I am not the only outspoken, scientifically devoted operational meteorologist with a personal BLOG. “Very Old F_rt” (VOF) Jim Johnson actually has been running one for several months longer. I always have found his thought-provoking and often controversial rantings in e-mail forums to be quite worth the reading time, and though I am a few decades younger, more often than not I agree with him. [Does that make me a VOF-in-training, or just another unrepentant professionally scientific and sociopolitically conservative idealist? I sure hope the latter! :-)]

And now, VOF Jim has been unleashed upon the BLOGosphere, much to my welcome! Here you can find the latest musings from the desk of the Curmudgeon of the West himself:

Drippings from the Crank Case


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