Ted Kennedy Sloshes Along

The senior Senator from Massachusetts is at it again. In case you missed it…

About a month ago, during a luncheon at the National Press Club, Edward “Ted” Kennedy referred to freshman Illinois Senator and fellow Democrat Barack Obama as “Osama Bin Laden”!! It’s pretty funny, or sad, depending on your angle. Here’s the MP3 clip.

If interested, here’s additional background info via the ABC (buried in the end, of course, since we are talking about a sympathetic, Eastern-elite media outlet).
[I cannot guarantee how long these links will remain valid. Catch ’em while you can!]

I wonder if he had a few too many shots of Wild Turkey before that Q&A?

Think of how often GW Bush and his father have been lambasted for their far more innocuous malapropisms. Now imagine, if you will, the raging media firestorm about racism and verbal ineptitude that would have erupted if President Bush or any particular Republican senator had uttered the very same blunder. By comparison, the Trent Lott incident, which also offended me slightly, would seem like a cool drink under a Cancun palm tree.

Instead, Senator Kennedy’s horrendous butchering of Barack Obama’s name gets shunted to the deep links and back pages by the mainstream press; moreover, in that MP3 file, you can hear the limousine liberals in the press laughing about it at their major (mal)function.

Now say these words with me: DOUBLE…STANDARD.

I keep hoping Ted Kennedy has the nerve to ask one of the President’s cabinet or judicial appointees if they approve of water torture or mock-drowning interrogation tactics. In that position I admit: I would be far too tempted to look ol’ Teddy straight in the eye and say very slowly, “Now Ted, please remember, such things are only acceptable on Chappaquiddick Island.”

Thanks to Jared and to the Drudge Report for alerting me to the “Osama Obama” incident.


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