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Scattershooting while wondering why so many Cowboys players injure hamstrings, year after year…

If you are not a Facebook friend, you must know me already, or come with a sterling recommendation from someone who does. My confidence and trust matter. That’s who I am, and how I roll. For those who already are, you’ll notice that I do not take any of these silly and pointless “challenges”–even if I agree with the sentiment behind them. Just not a herd-mentality fad follower–I blaze my own trails, think independently, and don’t tolerate silly and pointless gimmicks.

This election is (should be) foremost about the Supreme Court vacancies. This is why I am voting for the most constitutionalist candidate–not Trump or Hillary, either of whom would trample the Constitution in his or her own terrifying ways. We need justices who will apply the literal words of the Constitution exactly as written, not “interpret” it to fit pop-fad cultural and political whims. Given the low odds that the imperfect but much more palatable ticket to which I have defaulted (Johnson/Weld) will get enough electoral votes, I see no realistic way out of a destructively leftist Supreme Court now that Trump is sabotaging the election in Hillary’s favor. We are so screwed as a nation and society if either the Clintons or Trump reach the Oval Office. Given that Trump acts as if he doesn’t even want it, the election is Hillary’s to lose.

As for those who would overlook the horrendous things they’ve done and said, and vote for Hillary or Trump anyway, thereby pushing the corrupt and revolting prospect of a Clinton or Trump presidency upon us all, to the potentially grave detriment of America? A wise sage, wiser than any of us, once said the following: Forgive them, for they know not what they do. I will try hard to obey that, and forgive those I know who are Trump or Hillary voters…not saying it will be easy.

Based on what I have read about the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and NBC’s commercial-infested coverage thereof, I am glad not to have watched. Whatever I was doing (probably sleeping), it was time better spent. All I saw in social-media feeds from friends and associates either was complaints about it, or a few folks cheerleading for sideshow stuff and sociopolitical propagandizing having nothing to do with sports. At its core, the Olympics are supposed to be about sports, not issues and agendas. I missed nothing worth watching.

Yes, I don’t care for ceremonies as a whole anyway–pure artifice, pandering to emotion. Screw the glitz and glamor–just go straight to the actual competitions. That’s the fun stuff, the substance; let the appreciators of vanity and shallowness enjoy the style. [Similarly, I don’t watch Super Bowl pre-games or halftime shows either. Hell, I didn’t even go to my own college graduation ceremony–pointless waste of time and money when I was getting my diploma regardless.] I’ll go to someone else’s ceremony if it matters a lot to them that I be there for “support” or whatever, but artifice in general just isn’t my cup o’tea.

On a somewhat related note, I find abiding joy not in earthly culture or artifice or societal whim or others’ impressions and expectations, but in higher purposes. How timely it was then, that a friend posted the following verse, Colossians 3: 1-2.

    Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

Backlash of the Betrayed and Belittled

I read this most stimulating essay (thanks, Dan D.) that explains well the notion of the poor white and why that demographic so disproportionately supports Trump. Please read it for yourself before proceeding. There is plenty there that may bother liberals and conservatives alike, but being written by someone who has been there, it carries the weight of authenticity, a reality that most people reading this never have nor can understand.

How do I know? Easy. I have been an actual, in-the-flesh “poor white”, son of a high-school-dropout manual laborer, roaches and rats in profusion in every residence until college, no car, no air conditioning (in Texas), more hours than anyone I know today spent in public-aid offices.

I understand the article well. None of it is surprising. I’m going to help him to explain the phenomenon of lower-class white support for Trump, much as I don’t like it and won’t go along (I will not support Hillary either, in any way, shape or form).

I understand the appeal of a seeming advocate as “big” and powerful as Trump, with his stated positions and blunt smack talk, can have to many folks who see themselves, with considerable justification, as:

    * Marginalized,
    * Insulted by the powerful elites,
    * Increasingly left out of the political process in favor of narrow special interests,
    * Failed by public aid that is highly inefficient, dignity-killing and privacy-intrusive, yet
    * Often is directly seen as going to the undeserving (with some justification);
    * Betrayed by Republicans pretending to be conservative, saying one thing at home then doing another in DC
    * Told their jobs are obsolete as they are outsourced overseas,
    * Told they are irrelevant and worthless demographic anymore,
    * Belittled by powerful and well-connected Democrats, for example, that “they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion” (this is where perception is reality re: popular and political attacks on Christian faith)
    * Told to shut up and stand at the back of the line (you’ve had your turn for 200 years, nevermind you’ve been alive for a quarter of it and have reaped little of the benefits of that “turn”), while others perceived as less deserving and/or mooches get rewards,
    * And in many cases in social media and online commentaries, told to “just die off” so better (i.e., “enlightened”) people will replace them…

…all for roughly 8 years going, while having all those concerns summarily dismissed by many in the media and online.

I can put myself in “their” shoes easily, because unlike most atmospheric scientists (my dominant circle of friends and associates), I have been one of “them”. I speak from first-hand experience–the most credible possible place–about the subject.

So why, you ask, would I not support Trump? Believe it nor not, it is not due to formal education–as even some liberal friends have noted correctly, there are well-educated people who will vote for Trump. My opposition to Trump from a moral Christian perspective and for his lack of conservatism is strong, but just adds to the following.

I disfavor Trump for another facet of my background that is not common to most poor whites, and not described in this article nor “Hillbilly Elegy”: inner-city. My street smarts say, “this guy is a shyster–don’t trust him!” And I don’t trust him, any more than Hillary. A recent meme asked: “If Trump and Hillary were stranded in a boat in the middle of the ocean, who wins? America. America wins.” For sure!

“Street smarts” is not something that is measured tangibly, but allowed me to see Trump’s con game from the very start, transparently, easily–been there, seen that, nothing new. There is no fundamental difference between Trump and the guy on the corner of Harwood and Jackson selling “Rolex” watches for $20 from inside pockets of his trench coat, or the hubcap guy on Industrial Blvd. trying to convince you how badly you need his wheels. If you are vain enough to want a Rolex (and poor people can be vain, believe me), then you’re vulnerable to Mr. Trench Coat’s con. Same for the hubcap guy, if you have a car. Same for the big name from a TV show your demographic preferentially liked (Apprentice) who talks tough, takes no s__t, and lays it on the line, offering you a better life for the price of something much easier than the price of a hubcap or counterfeit Rolex: a vote. A simple, easy vote–nobody’s looking, you’re in that booth, you don’t have to let anybody know who you really voted for.

Many others besides me also see through his con, but having no other hope, shoot the dice (something we used to do in the inner city) and gamble on a vote for him regardless, because the other candidate is seen as a Goldman Sachs tool (with good justification), doesn’t give a f*** about “us”.

And that’s the reality, like it or not. I don’t like it, but I do understand it, which is one reason I am voting third-party.

Oh, and regarding one passage in the article: “If you believe as I do, you believe that the Holy Spirit works in people in a mysterious way. I recognize that a lot of secular folks may look down on that, but I’d make one important point: that not drinking, treating people well, working hard, and so forth, requires a lot of willpower when you didn’t grow up in privilege.” Yes, it does. Faith, regardless of how flawed the sinner, DOES have benefits, especially for the poor. To deny that is to deny reality.

White privilege? It does NOT exist for the poor white.

Scattershooting 160724

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to all those Golden and Silver Eagle buses Trailways used to use…

Mimosa blooms are the scent of summer to me. The neighborhood where I grew up had a profusion of 20-60-year-old mimosas (they were a popular tree for planting in the early-mid 1900s, apparently), and fleeting streamers of their aroma often suffused otherwise hot afternoons while riding my bike to create a breeze. I’m glad we planted one on our property, even if the poorer soil here keeps it fairly small. Today I took off the last full bloom and brought it inside just to sniff for a while.

Magnolia blooms were the scent of May: school’s out! There were also magnolias of similar age, including an enormous one still present on the route I walked or biked home from elementary school and was huge then. The smell from just a few big, old magnolias in full bloom can spread through an entire neighborhood.

Then there were those who had jasmine bushes and somehow managed to keep them alive through winter. Honeysuckle always smelled great too; several neighbors’ fences were full of their prodigiously blooming vines. For a big, hot city, summer could smell good in Dallas for those paying attention.

Debbie Schultz last week: “I’m in Cleveland if you need another chair to help keep your convention in order.”

Debbie Schultz today: Resigns (thank you WikiLeaks).

Why: “…after a trove of emails were disclosed showing DNC officials had worked to undermine the underdog presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders,” they needed a fall-guy (or in this case, fall gal), and she fits the bill. It fits a pattern too. In Chicago machine politics, always have a fall guy for scandal that occurs either above or below that person. I can’t say she didn’t deserve the scorn, though.

Sanders fans: your guy did get screwed over, and badly. The fix is in, and it’s obvious by how Hillary hired DWS within hours. Cronyism lives on, and on, and on. Too bad Bernie sold out to the Clinton machine like a cheap whore, and now is assimilated into their Borg. I wonder what kind of dirt the Clintons have on him. He seemed so idealistic and sincere, and despite our disagreements, I admired and respected him.

Both major parties seem hell-bent on self-destruction. I say, bring it on. The sooner both cease to exist, the better.

I saw Hillary’s America today…agree with Elke that it was a little hokey with the music and symbology (Dinesh’s films often are), but also very weighty in substance. It didn’t teach me any new facts, mainly because I’ve studied enough to have read them all, but might educate many who haven’t dug into or been life-exposed to the Clintons’ older misdeeds yet. It reminded me of a few important events nearly forgotten, and wove them all together into a narrative that, in the broadest context, illustrates how pathologically corrupt, cold, cunning, calculating, and two-faced the Clintons are (and they do come as a duo). The Saul Alinsky connection, racist-history-of-Democrat Party storyline, and support for eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger all were powerful presentations.

The documentary plodded a little too slowly through the history and through the producer’s own experiences, and could have told many of the same facts as powerfully in half the time, leaving more time for pertinent items such as the original/failed health-care “reform” proposal, the serial sexual predations by Bill, and Hillary’s role in denying/marginalizing those women.

If you haven’t seen it, please do. I suggest prefacing it with a DVD or streaming viewing of “2016: Obama’s America” for some background and even fuller context.

Trump’s “wall” rhetoric is unhelpful, a backlash too far the other direction from the unfettered anarchy and handcuffed Border Patrol crisis of today, thanks to Obama’s transparent, “Let’s let millions of future Democrat voters in,” policy.

We need to allow the presence of only legal immigrants, through proper lawful procedure, and prosecute the businesses that hire illegals, and keep open to legal immigration. My wife is an immigrant who did it the right way–the legal way–agrees with me, and resents those who mooch illegally off the largesse of the country her family worked so hard not only to enter legally, but build for humans and wildlife thereafter. [Her dad designed the bore for the Eisenhower Tunnel; her mom saved 10,000 sick and injured raptors.] We need to welcome legal immigrants–especially highly educated and skilled people who can do big things for this nation such as cut Interstates through mountains and save our national symbol, the Bald Eagle.

At this point, no election outcome would surprise me, even a Gary Johnson Libertarian win, because the dominant two-party system is so screwed up as to allow the likes of Trump and Hillary to be presidential nominees. Dignified statesmen, they’re not. They both need to be submitted for intensive anger-management therapy and evaluation for sociopathic tendencies.

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