Open Letter to “Christian Left” Friends

I consider you a brother/sister in Christ, and siblings sometimes disagree. That’s cool.

I’m also honest, sometimes to a fault. And if it’s a fault, I’ll die on that, and stand before God on Judgment Day in full confession thereof. I try to proclaim truth in love, and sometimes that means tough love. Guess my street-tough inner-city background gave me the constitution to employ that as needed, and to endure so much of the BS this world flings at us.

Truly, we’re not meant to be fully comfortable in this life, in this world. That’s because it’s a cursed world. To be challenged is discomforting, as it should be, but can be liberating in the realest sense. I’m challenging you right now. Consider this tough love.

To say I’m worried about your soul and spiritual health is true! After all, I care. Still, your life and choices are yours to follow. As a philosophical libertarian, I’m not going to order you around. Your private choices are your business and God’s. I will, however, make suggestions, and challenge people, and I expect nothing less than the same treatment, per the Golden Rule.

So I’ll elaborate a little. Why do I worry about those Christian friends dipping toes in social leftism?

I’ve been there and escaped its clutches, and can see right through its great lie. I wish more people could. It disguises itself as “loving thy neighbor” when it really means “use governmental coercion to steal money/freedom from some to give to others because of how I have been told to perceive them to be mass victims of an oppressive system”. It feeds on insecurities and mutual reinforcement, likes and atta-boys from sycophants, whether you realize this consciously or not.

I’m so thankful to have stepped out of that herd of anger and resentment. I realized that until we assume individual personal responsibility, we’ll be enslaved to worldly groupthink, and in the name of “social justice”, demand injustice in the name of justice.

So from the outside, here’s what I see.

Identity politics and “social justice” are dangerous ideologies, driven to idolatry of victimhood as an end of the means, and wholly antithetical to divinely granted freedoms of thought and speech. The whole subculture of “social justice”, besides being a grotesquely Orwellian, Newspeak-style misnomer, is an alluring yet diabolical worldly phenomenon. It is encouraged and fomented by none other than Satan the devil himself.

Political correctness serves as a device of censorship, suppression and oppression, a cancerous, metastasizing, gangrenous lesion on the face of open, frank and intelligent discussion. I refuse to play that game. Why? Easy. God doesn’t. That alone overrules politicians, celebrities, so-called “social justice warriors” and anybody else’s opinions.

Only His word ultimately matters, not the world’s, and nowhere in His Holy Word (Bible) are “PoC” and other such terms used, or even squarely implied. Jesus loved all the same, regardless of their color. MLK rightly followed that concept when speaking of the importance of content of character vs. the color of skin. Where has that ethos gone?

What of poverty, slavery, censorship, tyranny, other forms of destruction of freedom, based on the Bible? Absolutely worthy causes. We as individuals are called to help. That’s you and me, personally — not using government as a coercive proxy. Jesus didn’t add, “by government gunpoint” to “love thy neighbor.” [Anyone who thinks He did is welcomed to show me those words in the Bible.] Compassion is not a bureaucratic exercise!

Why would that be? Love is freely given and accepted, never coerced. Therefore, “love” thy neighbor logically cannot apply to taxation (which is involuntary) and governmental bureaucratic machinations. Love can be expressed authentically only through freely given personal action and charity, whether time or money or both. And if you somehow think bureaucracy is synonymous with love, and want more taxes, pay more taxes on your own…pay dot gov will accept donations 24/7/365.

The poor and oppressed are of all races. [Did you know the majority of poor in America are not so-called “PoC”? Some good the mythical “white privelege” has done for them! What of their plight in all this?]

Through my experience in inner-city poverty, which was a blessing from the Lord, as a decided racial minority in that environment, later reinforced in His Holy Word itself, God taught me this: we’re all one race…the human race. We’re to “love thy neighbor” with zero regard to his outwardly visible melanin level.

I take that strictly literally, as it should be. I will not extend any less neighborly love to my dark-skinned neighbor as the others. As an aside, he too is a fully devoted servant of Christ, and we’re on the same page on this issue. [A “PoC” conservative? Horrors! Yes, they do exist. My neighbor is one. I follow many others on social media. And their insight on what it’s like to be who they are, I trust more than any naïve and detached “social justice warrior”.]

If you note the importance of how we live, you’re right. We set an example in our behavior. Talk is cheap; actions matter. You will not see me treat someone badly nor unequally based on immutables. Again: why?

Easy. Jesus wouldn’t. It’s that simple. Anyone who tries to make it more complex than that is selling you a sucker’s bill of goods.

As a kid on the streets of downtown and East Dallas, I saw more than my share of con artists and shysters, more than most people will in an entire lifetime. Been there, seen it all…I understand their mentality and modus operandi. And worldly “social justice”, as now practiced in America, is a big, systemic social con game.

It’s sad to see people fall for it, especially fellow Christians. It’s of this world, of our Lord. It disappoints me to see so many Christians dabbling or wholly slipping into that diabolical whirlpool of deceit, resentment and anger that is “social justice”.

So what are you doing for “social justice”? If you answer that, if you’re telling others, you’re not doing charity the right way: privately. You’re virtue signaling. Helping others is not done for the sake of bragging rights. It’s not about you. It’s about those in need. I’m not going to be touting my charitable contributions and acts on social media. That’s not why they’re done.

So there it is. If you wanted to categorize me, which really isn’t possible, the closest guess would be “fiscally and socially conservative, Biblical Christian Libertarian”. 😉 And I am fully secure in that. This place is squarely where I truly, wholly believe God has called me to live, with 100% authenticity. It’s home on Earth, until I go Home for good.

If you’re reading this far, you’re a sharp, learned, well-read person. That’s a good thing. Our brotherhood or sisterhood in Christ is why I care enough to go to this much trouble to write all this.

As such, I have just one book to recommend for now, outside the Good Book, of course: “How Now Shall We Live” by Charles Colson. Check it out. I’ve never seen the application of the Christian worldview to the issues and temptations of the world so well-explained in a soundly Bible-rooted way. Elke recommended it to me, and it was a great learning experience, clarifying neatly some ideas and tying some ribbons up that had been irritatingly open-ended for some time.

I’d love to compare notes after you’ve read it.

As for the killings of so-called “PoC” that prompt rage and anger and virtue signaling from some of you, yes, they’re sins. Murder absolutely is a sin. All murder is a hate crime by default, regardless of what the perpetrator or victim look like. [Did you think it was a love crime?]

Horrid acts like the recent Georgia killing, or the far less-publicized but equally tragic daily murders in Chicago or Baltimore, happen with a deep root cause: because individuals and society have abandoned Biblical morals in favor of the vices of innately sinful human nature.

Quite simply, thou shalt not kill. It’s clear all the murderers are deeply lost. They don’t know our Savior. Otherwise they would not do these things. And that includes other criminals professing prior to being Christians.

We as a society have lost our way in failing to teach kids Biblical moral precepts and why to adhere to them. Not just legal law, but Godly moral law. This is why we have, for example, widespread venereal disease (extramarital sex/fornication), neighbors not knowing each other (failure to love thy neighbor), and obvious violations of any of the Ten Commandments (most crimes, including this).

People infused with the Holy Spirit don’t do these crimes and immoral acts, nor condone them! That’s not judgment, but straight-talk Biblical truth. Truth needs to be heard. Who will listen and heed?

We as a society have lost our way and will keep paying the price (including the loss of innocents) until we repent—individually and collectively—and sincerely seek forgiveness from the Lord. That applies to each and all of us.

The undeniable fact is that these murderers (and rapists, child molesters, those who beat their wives and girlfriends up, terrorists, “religious” killers, and any others foisting violence on innocents) don’t commit the crime if they are truly God-fearing, obedient servants, instead of hate-filled mercenaries. Had they come to Jesus beforehand, and stayed there, this simply doesn’t happen. They either never were, or have gotten lost.

Come, Lord Jesus. We need you.

Why Bad Ideas Spread

Why would anybody take seriously an offhanded, poorly worded statement from Donald Trump (who makes offhanded, poorly worded statements by the hundreds per month…you should know this by now!) about ingesting bleach? I doubt the statement was malicious, or even serious, but it was badly phrased by a bumbling buffoon, and some people have been stupid enough to take it literally. Others have blown it out of proportion as validation for their own deep partisan biases.

Medicine doesn’t have many answers yet about the Wuhan coronavirus. Meteorology can’t tell you why the tornado hit this neighborhood and not the one across the road, nor which neighborhood could be flattened next week. Yet incredibly, people demand such answers, utterly ignorant of the limits of science, and of uncertainty.

When scientists cannot fill a knowledge gap, charlatans rush in to fill it for them, to provide counterfeit certainty. It’s how disgraced, false-teaching “Christian” televangelist Jim Bakker can allow a snake-oil hack to peddle some silver solution as a coronavirus cure. It’s how a weather company can offer specific 40-day temperature forecasts, when there is no demonstrated skill in that whatsoever. I’ve heard this said first-hand to another meteorologist, seriously: “You can’t tell me if it will rain at my sister’s wedding next month? Lame! What kind of idiot weather man are you anyway?”

A fundamental problem exists in common between this bleach-ingestion situation and making insanely unreasonable demands on meteorologists. That problem is failure to understand uncertainty, and it’s rooted in a deeper one in education. Much of the populace has little concept of, nor tolerance for, uncertainty. Too many people think everything is certain, black and white. That’s preposterous rubbish. Medicine is not as simple as that, or the coronavirus already would be exterminated. And if meteorology were that easy, we already could tell you where the tornadoes will track on May 22nd, to within mere feet.

Yet the opposite people, who declare from their high horse of “nuance” that “everything is shades of gray”, have it terribly wrong going the other way, too. They attach a damned error bar to situations that have straightforward answers, and mile-wide error bars to others that are far less complicated in reality. They declare that there are no absolutes. That is equally preposterous garbage. [Next time you see someone write, “There are no absolutes,” or “Everything is shades of gray,” please call them out on that obviously and literally self-contradictory nonsense!]

Black and white, unambiguous factual answers really do exist to a lot of things. The sun rises in the eastern sky. 2+2=4. I love Dr Pepper. Direct contact with bleach outside the body will kill this virus (and maim your insides, maybe fatally, if you drink or inhale it). Tornadoes are made of air. Male or female you were made, dear reader, by genetics, before birth, by biological fact of a chromosome pair still found in all your cells. Simple answers to complex questions and problems really do exist in some cases. Ministers of the “nuance” pulpit fail to see this, and as such, will stay mired in gray ideological mud, missing out on a lot of clarity and vivid insight that absolutes can offer.

“The best answers are found in the middle.” Preposterous rubbish too! I’m not advocating the middle ground is always right, either. Sometimes, indeed I dare say often, alternative and out-of-mainstream solutions end up working amazingly well, saving lives, bettering society. Sometimes, just sometimes, even the ideological extremes are onto something (despite that, more often than not, they’re shrill, annoying parasites sucking intellect out of an issue). If you’re always straddling the middle, trying to stay comfortable in rigid “balance”, avoiding all extremes, taking no risk, and not seeing the benefits that can arise from the unconventional thinking, you’ll miss out on so much accomplishment, discovery and innovation. Your life will be boring as hell, too. If nothing else, pay attention to the extremes, so you can understand how to combat the 90% or more of their crap that is…crap.

The key is knowing when the middle is right, when the conventional wisdom and tradition yield optimal results, when an alternative way is best, when even the extremes are right, when an issue is clear-cut, when it is gray. How? Reasoned, critical thinking — to determine when, how, and why each approach is appropriate, situationally. Situationally!

Much as the science of medicine has lots of uncertainties regarding this coronavirus — how to reverse its severe rampages in some people, how much immunity to mutations you have after you’ve had it, when there will be a vaccine and how effective it will be…so does my science. We get questions like this astoundingly often: “Will it rain on my sister’s outdoor wedding next September 10th at 4 p.m. in Aurora?” Or, “I’m driving my RV from Chicago to Miami on November 3rd. Where will I hit bad weather?” [No way to know, too much uncertainty!] Or, “Can you control tornadoes with hyper-voltage electromagnetic beams?” [No, but the questioner won’t take anything but his own pet theory for an answer.]

What insanely asinine questions those are for anyone who understands uncertainty or has half a microgram of critical-thinking skills! Yet we get them. It’s not necessarily tied to educational level, either. Some of the worst weather-control lunacy I’ve seen has come from engineers and physicists, and even one physician (not any who are personal friends of mine!). Some of the most outlandish conspiracy theories I’ve heard have been proposed by people with advanced degrees. Ph.D. can stand for Phenomenally Dumb, when outside one’s own area of expertise. There are people who are so specialized, as an old instructor of mine once stated, that they, “Learn more and more about less and less, until they know everything about nothing.

So why do far too many people, whether well-educated on paper or high-school dropouts, either blindly accept seeming authority without question, or reflexively reject it outright, or fail to grasp uncertainty, or think “alternative” must be bad, or think “alternative” must be best, or accept outlandish and thoroughly unreasonable crackpot ideas? Where is the ability in people to evaluate, to dissociate from emotion and other irrationalities, and to use facts, logic and reason to assess ideas and ideals independently and thoroughly?

I strongly believe it’s because critical, independent thinking skills have not been rigorously taught by both public schools and parents, as a whole, for at least 3 or 4 generations. My generation (X) is part of the problem, both on the receiving and teaching end. Parents and schools alike have failed here, miserably. Of course there are exceptions. I’m talking not about the exceptions, but the rule.

Critical thinking doesn’t lead to sucking down bleach, nor eating Tide Pods, nor snorting cocaine, nor partying with dozens of friends amidst a highly contagious pandemic, nor refusing vaccinations because some airheaded celebrity says it causes autism, nor taking essential oils to “cure” cancer, nor being a sucker to unscientific anti-GMO hysteria, nor thinking 5G makes coronavirus worse, nor HAARPing about “chemtrails”, nor sending money to that Nigerian prince who works for the IRS and Citibank and wants your credit-card number so you can pay what you owe and get rich quick.

Anybody with even the most basic critical-thinking skills would not take a verbally handicapped President’s offhanded bleach comment literally, nor a host of other dumb things said by celebrities and politicians of all stripes. Yet here we are.

Unfortunately the solution is hard: massively reform education away from the rote and toward understanding. Stop teaching to test. Don’t make students memorize; teach them how to think conceptually and critically. Stop teaching to feelings, “identity” and “self-esteem” — teach instead to logic and reason. Return to rigorous fundamentals of math, science, reading comprehension, history, and writing in education, including deep immersion in critical-thinking concepts in each of these basics. The results won’t bear fruit for another generation or two. But this is what’s needed. Until then, our society as as much at peril from a profusion of gullible suckers as from any disease.

Governmental Dependency as a Toxic Relationship

When it comes to logistics and preparedness, the mode of thinking needs to be logic and reason — not emotion. Pretend you’re an interstellar alien, we’ll call him Spock (or her Spockette, if you want to be equal opportunity), evaluating our relationship with central Federal bureaucracy from outer space.

Two pertinent points: First, when an entity has failed, over and over and over, to accomplish goals timely and accurately, is it logical to keep depending upon it, or to demand from it what it has repeatedly foot-dragged and failed to deliver? Spock(ette) says: No. Highly illogical.

What is that entity? Distant, detached, massive, red-tape-ridden, impersonal, faceless Federal bureaucracy. I’m speaking of the whole entity, as a large, bloated mass, not individual right-minded people inside it who are trying to improve things, mostly in futility.

Epidemiologists have been warning of a pandemic like the one ongoing, for over a quarter of a century. Yet through multiple D and R presidencies, multiple D, R and split Congresses, this is the result. Blaming only the current people (while they deserve just the latest few years’ share of it) is purely partisan, shortsighted, ignorant of history, and emotional — not logical, not reasoned.

This scenario has been warned about for DECADES, with only token, window-dressing action. Such longstanding foot-dragging in preparation for what has been an inevitable pandemic is just one example of such lack of foresight and attention to low-probability (in any one year), high-impact events that will happen some year. This is such a year.

Those who expertly predicted it for the last few decades have every right to say, “I told you so, why didn’t you listen to me and prepare?” And they are entirely reasoned and logical in asking such a question. Spock(ette) would approve.

This is why foreseers and visionaries get disillusioned: government bureaucracy — too debt-ridden and bloated from generations of exceeding its literal Constitutional authority in many areas — is too focused on the here and now and the pork-barrel pandering that doesn’t lend itself to accommodating accurate expert farsightedness. This is objectively demonstrable in the lack of preparedness in numerous crises — not just this coronavirus. And when it comes to logic and reason, objective evaluation is what matters.

Is it logical to expect quick deployments and resolutions when, as only a mild exaggeration, it takes 37 layers of approvals and nine months to unlock a door latch? Spock(ette) says: no. Highly illogical. We see it over, and over, and over, from slow hurricane response, to days/weeks wait for Federal deployment on wildfires, to the CDC bungling of this virus disaster, to weekly politicization of nonpartisan issues.

Yet I see so many people demanding more involvement of the very same thing that keeps failing, over and over and over: Federal “help”! That’s not only illogical, but irrational, unhealthy, toxic! And also: Sisyphean.

Second: Disasters really are local. This is because individuals are affected.

States (especially for their resource/economically poor rural areas) and major cities need to learn to prepare as if they essentially will get zero help from above in a timely way. Quite often, after all, that’s the brutally honest truth. This way, if help does arrive, it’s a bonus, a relief.

Dependency on big, inefficient, untimely, unreliable Washington is really a form of unhealthy codependency — akin to a neglectful, often gaslighting, sometimes abusive personal relationship, but wrought on a broad scale.

Think about this, please. Relate to it. Would you tell your friend in such a relationship to stay the course, stick it out, trust the abuser/neglector will somehow, someday reform? If you have been in such a relationship personally, you will get what I’m saying. Why encourage such relationships of cities, counties and states with Washington, who has and will let them down, gaslight, neglect, attach strings, token-“help”, or even trample them as often as fully assist?

If you still don’t understand the concept of betrayal by centralized DC bureaucracy, and how systemically destructive that can be, ask our native American Indian tribes.

Exactly as we correctly advise friends in toxic relationships, states and cities need to learn to get out of that bad relationship with Washington and go it on their own, with years to decades of advanced planning for every sort of disaster that could befall them. Spock(ette) would see this through the lens of history and say, “That’s imminently logical.”

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