Election Message for Fellow Christians

As Christians, this Presidential election offers us candidates that can seem like a choice between evils, more so than ever before. There also are more than two choices there — please remember this! You are not obligated to vote for a candidate because another fallible human told you that a different candidate “can’t win” or that it is a “wasted vote”.

The latter statement — that any vote is “wasted” — is patently false! No vote is wasted, because every vote counts. Close elections throughout the history of our republic have shown this. Depending on your state and locality (here’s mine, for example), you also have some combination of senators, representatives, state-level offices, referenda, and propositions to choose. Those should be researched diligently not just on their own face value, but even more importantly, from a moral and faithful perspective.

Furthermore, no vote is wasted because the vote is a manifestation of your preferences, your conscience, your understanding — not those of another person telling you differently. When you get in that voting booth, no other person can see you. You are not casting a vote on behalf of anyone else on this Earth. The choice is entirely yours. You are not obligated to any other person’s wishes. You have free will in this!

Still, there is more to the story. Your vote also is not a waste, because it is a reflection of where and who you are as a faithful Christian. Please understand this: you are voting not only on your own, but as a creation of the Lord. With that comes an important responsibility, indeed a mandate, to vote for the options that can best reflect His holy Word and His principles.

Given such importance of your vote, pray over it beforehand: not just for President, but for every single other item on the ballot. Ask that the Holy Spirit will infuse you as you mark all of those votes. That is because there is an undeniable truth here for each and all or us believers.

The Lord is in that voting booth with you. God sees how you are marking that ballot.

Vote accordingly.

America’s Slow-Motion Train Wreck Too Few Can See

Because of work and sleep timing, I slept through the so-called “debate” between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last night, and it appears I didn’t miss anything important. I’m not even motivated to look at transcripts as I normally would. After discussing it with Elke and others who did subject themselves to the farce, it’s pointless — every second of time spent on it being a second wasted. And what changes anyway? All it does is just fuel each side to dig in deeper. Admit this and you’ll be better off.

Each of the mainstream, establishment party candidate’s hard core, composed of followers of the company-line herd mentality dictated to them, is entrenched into demonizing the other and thinks their candidate “won” regardless, and already are citing online polls by assorted “media” outlets to support their position (example DT, example HC).

You’ll read Facebook posts and Tweets that illustrate my point perfectly, if you care enough to view them independently of affiliation for either candidate. “My person clearly won!”, is what they all distill to, regardless of their eloquence or crudeness. It’s as obvious and predictable as tides.

Just read any Hillary or Trump supporter’s comments and there it is, plain as day. When you’re outside the problem, it’s easier to see. There’s clarity and enlightenment in this place off to the side of the big social cliques screaming at each other. Looking at the two-party game from the outside this cycle, it’s all clearly propaganda and manipulation for the sake of maintaining superficially different flavors of the corporatist/globalist status quo.

Think I’m daft? Far from it! I’ll gladly change my mind when Goldman Sachs, E-Bay and Cisco each pays me at least $225,000 for a speech (Hillary) or I can open up a bogus university (Trump) or charity (both the Clintons and Trump) through which millions of dollars in favor-cash flow, with no real penalty. Wipe the Saudi oil stains off those blood-money checks before ya cash ’em…

For all his lesser flaws, such as lack of sufficient conservatism socially, the one presidential candidate who is most even-tempered, calm, scandal-free, mentally and physically healthy, and experienced in actual governmental governance, wasn’t included anyway. This had nothing to do with merit, but instead, entirely arbitrary artifices of “polling” thresholds, polls themselves being easily manipulated (as evident in their differences). That alone undermines the credibility of the medium of two-party “debate”, which in reality is anything but.

The “debate” was and will be a media circus of reality-TV titillation pandering to ten-second attention spans, and a vehicle for left-wingnuts and Trump zombies to proclaim their woman’s or man’s (respectively) superiority. “My honest and obvious liar with the fake hair and skin coloring is better than she who twists the truth to her own ends and covers up her lies!”

How sad of a statement it is that we, as a nation, have plummeted our standards of statesmanship, honor, and dignity so far that two slimy con artists are what’s left in the 2016 cycle. A horrid pox on Republicans and Democrats equally and alike!

At least I’ll walk out of the early-voting station with a clearer conscience in having not marked the ballot for either of the two greedy, lying, hotheaded, unstable, sleaze-propagating, elitist-1% train wrecks at the top of the ticket. Furthermore, I will have voted, albeit in futility, for the one and only candidate whose party clearly and consistently has opposed NSA/CIA domestic spying and supported the Constitution as it was written.

Don’t blame me for whatever happens next.

Scattershooting 160806

Scattershooting while wondering why so many Cowboys players injure hamstrings, year after year…

If you are not a Facebook friend, you must know me already, or come with a sterling recommendation from someone who does. My confidence and trust matter. That’s who I am, and how I roll. For those who already are, you’ll notice that I do not take any of these silly and pointless “challenges”–even if I agree with the sentiment behind them. Just not a herd-mentality fad follower–I blaze my own trails, think independently, and don’t tolerate silly and pointless gimmicks.

This election is (should be) foremost about the Supreme Court vacancies. This is why I am voting for the most constitutionalist candidate–not Trump or Hillary, either of whom would trample the Constitution in his or her own terrifying ways. We need justices who will apply the literal words of the Constitution exactly as written, not “interpret” it to fit pop-fad cultural and political whims. Given the low odds that the imperfect but much more palatable ticket to which I have defaulted (Johnson/Weld) will get enough electoral votes, I see no realistic way out of a destructively leftist Supreme Court now that Trump is sabotaging the election in Hillary’s favor. We are so screwed as a nation and society if either the Clintons or Trump reach the Oval Office. Given that Trump acts as if he doesn’t even want it, the election is Hillary’s to lose.

As for those who would overlook the horrendous things they’ve done and said, and vote for Hillary or Trump anyway, thereby pushing the corrupt and revolting prospect of a Clinton or Trump presidency upon us all, to the potentially grave detriment of America? A wise sage, wiser than any of us, once said the following: Forgive them, for they know not what they do. I will try hard to obey that, and forgive those I know who are Trump or Hillary voters…not saying it will be easy.

Based on what I have read about the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and NBC’s commercial-infested coverage thereof, I am glad not to have watched. Whatever I was doing (probably sleeping), it was time better spent. All I saw in social-media feeds from friends and associates either was complaints about it, or a few folks cheerleading for sideshow stuff and sociopolitical propagandizing having nothing to do with sports. At its core, the Olympics are supposed to be about sports, not issues and agendas. I missed nothing worth watching.

Yes, I don’t care for ceremonies as a whole anyway–pure artifice, pandering to emotion. Screw the glitz and glamor–just go straight to the actual competitions. That’s the fun stuff, the substance; let the appreciators of vanity and shallowness enjoy the style. [Similarly, I don’t watch Super Bowl pre-games or halftime shows either. Hell, I didn’t even go to my own college graduation ceremony–pointless waste of time and money when I was getting my diploma regardless.] I’ll go to someone else’s ceremony if it matters a lot to them that I be there for “support” or whatever, but artifice in general just isn’t my cup o’tea.

On a somewhat related note, I find abiding joy not in earthly culture or artifice or societal whim or others’ impressions and expectations, but in higher purposes. How timely it was then, that a friend posted the following verse, Colossians 3: 1-2.

    Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

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