Scattershooting 160724

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to all those Golden and Silver Eagle buses Trailways used to use…

Mimosa blooms are the scent of summer to me. The neighborhood where I grew up had a profusion of 20-60-year-old mimosas (they were a popular tree for planting in the early-mid 1900s, apparently), and fleeting streamers of their aroma often suffused otherwise hot afternoons while riding my bike to create a breeze. I’m glad we planted one on our property, even if the poorer soil here keeps it fairly small. Today I took off the last full bloom and brought it inside just to sniff for a while.

Magnolia blooms were the scent of May: school’s out! There were also magnolias of similar age, including an enormous one still present on the route I walked or biked home from elementary school and was huge then. The smell from just a few big, old magnolias in full bloom can spread through an entire neighborhood.

Then there were those who had jasmine bushes and somehow managed to keep them alive through winter. Honeysuckle always smelled great too; several neighbors’ fences were full of their prodigiously blooming vines. For a big, hot city, summer could smell good in Dallas for those paying attention.

Debbie Schultz last week: ā€œIā€™m in Cleveland if you need another chair to help keep your convention in order.ā€

Debbie Schultz today: Resigns (thank you WikiLeaks).

Why: “…after a trove of emails were disclosed showing DNC officials had worked to undermine the underdog presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders,” they needed a fall-guy (or in this case, fall gal), and she fits the bill. It fits a pattern too. In Chicago machine politics, always have a fall guy for scandal that occurs either above or below that person. I can’t say she didn’t deserve the scorn, though.

Sanders fans: your guy did get screwed over, and badly. The fix is in, and it’s obvious by how Hillary hired DWS within hours. Cronyism lives on, and on, and on. Too bad Bernie sold out to the Clinton machine like a cheap whore, and now is assimilated into their Borg. I wonder what kind of dirt the Clintons have on him. He seemed so idealistic and sincere, and despite our disagreements, I admired and respected him.

Both major parties seem hell-bent on self-destruction. I say, bring it on. The sooner both cease to exist, the better.

I saw Hillary’s America today…agree with Elke that it was a little hokey with the music and symbology (Dinesh’s films often are), but also very weighty in substance. It didn’t teach me any new facts, mainly because I’ve studied enough to have read them all, but might educate many who haven’t dug into or been life-exposed to the Clintons’ older misdeeds yet. It reminded me of a few important events nearly forgotten, and wove them all together into a narrative that, in the broadest context, illustrates how pathologically corrupt, cold, cunning, calculating, and two-faced the Clintons are (and they do come as a duo). The Saul Alinsky connection, racist-history-of-Democrat Party storyline, and support for eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger all were powerful presentations.

The documentary plodded a little too slowly through the history and through the producer’s own experiences, and could have told many of the same facts as powerfully in half the time, leaving more time for pertinent items such as the original/failed health-care “reform” proposal, the serial sexual predations by Bill, and Hillary’s role in denying/marginalizing those women.

If you haven’t seen it, please do. I suggest prefacing it with a DVD or streaming viewing of “2016: Obama’s America” for some background and even fuller context.

Trump’s “wall” rhetoric is unhelpful, a backlash too far the other direction from the unfettered anarchy and handcuffed Border Patrol crisis of today, thanks to Obama’s transparent, “Let’s let millions of future Democrat voters in,” policy.

We need to allow the presence of only legal immigrants, through proper lawful procedure, and prosecute the businesses that hire illegals, and keep open to legal immigration. My wife is an immigrant who did it the right way–the legal way–agrees with me, and resents those who mooch illegally off the largesse of the country her family worked so hard not only to enter legally, but build for humans and wildlife thereafter. [Her dad designed the bore for the Eisenhower Tunnel; her mom saved 10,000 sick and injured raptors.] We need to welcome legal immigrants–especially highly educated and skilled people who can do big things for this nation such as cut Interstates through mountains and save our national symbol, the Bald Eagle.

At this point, no election outcome would surprise me, even a Gary Johnson Libertarian win, because the dominant two-party system is so screwed up as to allow the likes of Trump and Hillary to be presidential nominees. Dignified statesmen, they’re not. They both need to be submitted for intensive anger-management therapy and evaluation for sociopathic tendencies.

Independence Day Confession of a Great Lie

When I was a child, smart as I thought I was, I lived under a few great delusions of naivete. It was nobody’s fault, per se–least of all my parents, who had far too much on their minds in simply scrounging up rent money and keeping roaches and rat turds out of our food. Fortunately they encouraged me to absorb information like a sponge and think critically, to question those in power, to out-fight those I couldn’t outsmart, and to outsmart those I couldn’t out-fight. But I believed a great lie. Not only did I believe it, I repeated it, spread it, and with patriotic fervor. It was a lie because I saw signs of its fundamental dishonesty and chose to ignore them, head firmly in sand.

Simply by virtue of lacking life experience and exposure outside my (sometimes dangerous) neighborhood, and sanitized news and facts that in the newspaper, TV and encyclopedias, and by ignoring those early signs, I bought into the lie: that the United States, magnificent as it is, bastion of freedom, might and power, will be that shining city on a hill of freedom and virtue for the world, for my lifetime and probably well beyond. I believed in the promise of this nation to overcome all that would stand against us.

This was despite the Cold War nuclear threat from the USSR, which I saw (correctly in that case) to be a doomed “Evil Empire”, and as it turns out, one that Reagan soon would both articulate in precisely that matter, then contribute to destroying. I had no idea we could destroy ourselves from within; I thought social order and moral standards would keep internal, corrupting cancers at bay for the foreseeable future, until some truly calamitous external event nuked it all, perhaps literally.

Outside a dark phase of youthful atheism, for which I thank God today because of the basal logical and probabilistic perspective it offered that led to a firm and permanent belief in Him, I thought that Biblical prophecy regarding the doom of great nations was an abstract, distant concept inapplicable to the America I knew. Sure, the Lord will come someday and strike down all nations after they have turned from Him, and become corrupt and infested with selfishness and evil; but “that’s not us!”

When one only has less than two decades of cumulative understanding, inertial thinking is easy. That’s my excuse, anyway.

The sociopolitical events and expanding, relativistic moral decrepitude of the last 15 years, and the last eight in particular, have proved how horribly wrong I was! To those I misled, including myself, I apologize; and for it I seek forgiveness from them–and most of all from the Lord.

The destruction of America, I now realize, doesn’t have to be a cataclysmic “Day After” holocaust of fire from nuclear warheads or an asteroid; it can be a process of cultural, social, political rot from the inside out. I believed in a promise destined to be broken, one paper-cut drop of lost collective moral and ethical blood at a time.

Contrary to prevailing political sloganeering, I acknowledge and face reality, instead of some rah-rah illusion or the false alchemy of wishes into actuality. The times after America’s greatest hour indeed are here, and have been for a long time. The descent off our former status as Greatest Nation Ever Built is accelerating its heretofore slow-creep pace. An asteroid or attack by an external enemy only would hasten a course already steered from within, and would be but an early death blow for the terminally ill empire.

All great empires wither; history proves this. Why be so smug as to think we are immune, and perpetuate that mighty delusion? I see our national downfall playing out here, now, front and center, plainly as the disorder and divisiveness on social media, the continual expansion of our national debt to new record levels on a daily basis, the ever-spreading and freedom-stifling malignancy of political correctness, the self-idolizing, “if it feels good do it” and “I don’t need God” ethos of culture, the increasingly open and pervasive hostility to our one true salvation, and also, the systemic corruption, unaccountability to the common man, and anti-democratic priorities of our economic and political elites.

Evil us upon us, not only from external forces such as Islamic terrorism and the physical and digital aggression of other large nations, but in our own states and communities, perhaps even in our circles of families and associates. Denying evil, and refusing to name its name, are tantamount to enabling and committing the evil. Do not be blind to this, or try to wish it away…won’t work.

The sociopolitical condition has gotten so twisted, so perverse, so bizarre, that the ultimate source only can be from Satan himself; the solutions cannot lie in any elected official(s), political parties, or governmental actions. I am not depressed over this development, just pragmatic and accepting of the truth. Instead, I am hopeful, I see light, and that side of truth is that the ultimate solution lies only in God himself, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, through the promise of Jesus.

Yet not until now have I seen this articulated so well, so disturbingly, so fluidly, yet with a focus on that one ray of hope still available, as in this essay by Ravi Zacharias.

Ravi is an immigrant but longtime citizen, a Christian scholar and world-renowned apologist, global traveler and minister, and admirer of the American ideal that has been so poisonously corrupted. His life experience and perspective, his theological understanding, all are more vast than mine, and it is from that foundation that he uses recent events to illustrate how far we have fallen a nation, and how we might still be able to salvage it or at least forestall further degeneration (though time is nearly gone to do so). Please read his Independence Day message, then consider thoughtfully the notion that our hope lies in no nation or culture (not even our own)–but instead God. And when our nation strays from God and forces us to choose between the two, we must make the correct choice, even if it ultimately may mean official and societal persecution and torture in one’s Earthly lifetime (as is being seen in more and more cases, right here in the U.S.).

Otherwise, America will fade to the twin curse of internal social destruction and external irrelevance in the world. Even if it does, there is a hope and eternal salvation that promises riches of soul that dwarf any and all material wealth ever produced by our nation, and all nations. Be a part of that ultimately and inevitably victorious outcome for God. I plan to.

And I know that, in the meantime, in whatever bodily years remain enumerated for me, it could involve the development of hardship along the way as an entire nation that I have loved, and still do, gradually yet obviously turns against its founding values, against the ultimate Author of those values, and in turn, against we who profess that Author and His values as our saving grace.

Jesus is the greatest hope ever given to us. Yet mark my words, I will be denied, shunned, mocked, cursed, scoffed upon, targeted with contempt, for bearing witness to that promise. That too already has begun, in social media. So will you be targeted also, if you dare to declare. I also accept that hard reality; for Jesus Himself also foretold it, and He is never wrong. Bring it on. The roaches, heat and poverty may have been a preparatory blessing in disguise…

Phooey on Political Parties

Recently this text-meme appeared on the social-media feed of a longtime friend, who also is a consistent, sturdy and respectable conservative.


While I agree with this statement, per se, it can be (and based on comments, often is) misinterpreted as pro-Republican. Instead it only lays down the truth about one half of the problem with political parties today.

Most of us who have decided not to play this binary, lesser-of-two-evils game anymore, can see the forest from the trees and clearly understand that BOTH parties have abandoned American exceptionalism, rugged independence, national sovereignty, wholesome family values, and the Constitution. Both treat the Constitution as optional and interpretive instead of as its own literal words read, the founding law of the land, changeable not by interpretation but only by amendment. Republicans too have been guilty of this, capitulating meekly to amoral social leftism and anti-Constitutional ideals such as “free trade”, globalism, unfettered immigration, and domestic spying via CIA and NSA. They have pandered to conservatism in primaries only to go to Washington and turn into a gaggle of center-left slugs who conspire with the Democrats to bloat the national debt, and who and put far more effort into theatrics than accomplishment.

That said, the Ds have gone much, much, much farther askew. They have become dominated by radically far-left lunacy unimaginable 20-30 years ago, and are veering so deeply into the weeds as to be absolutely unrecognizable to those (mostly before my time, sadly) who recall when such a thing as dignified statesmen actually existed in that party. To wit: John Kennedy’s taxation and military principles would be considered “Tea Party” today, and his opinion on so-called “gay marriage” was…what, exactly? I challenge anyone to look it up and tell me. I’d love to go back in a time machine and ask him. The answer likely would shock the sycophants who worship the false god of the rainbow flag.

Democrats? Republicans? Traitorous, one-world puppets and two-faced purveyors of slime, they both have become.

How befitting, really, that a noisy, unhinged, false-conservative opportunist like Trump has taken the Republican Party over from a bunch of weak, spineless, corporatist, bailout-pushing RINO sellouts. Meanwhile the Democrat Party (also decidely corporatist, free-trade puppets of big money…Bernie was right about just that one thing) has been conquered virally by a mass orgy of moral rot and corrupt “leadership” the likes of which only Satan himself can be credited with influence. That is a combination sure to doom this nation for ever and ever, without sure and speedy intervention.

At least 95% of them all should be exported to a faraway island and never allowed back.

Regardless of your inclinations–conservative, liberal, libertarian or some blend of the three, vote third party this cycle–and work to end political parties altogether. Political parties are corrupt, insular, lobbyist- and corporation-controlled bastions of greed and payoffs, and are malignant tumors destroying this country. As they are not enumerated in the literal words of the Constitution as a functional part of governance; national political parties are unconstitutional.

All national elections should be nonpartisan, with only names on the ballots. This way votes are cast solely on the stated positions of candidates, and we can work toward what we should have had from the start: a positional, issues-based meritocracy, instead of an executive and legislative branch controlled by distant, detached, elitist, globalist, “we know what’s best for you” arrogance, wolves in sheeps’ clothing, offering partisan machine politics where Democrat and Republican are distinguishable only by conveniently divisive hot-button issues.

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