1 Roger Edwards Home Page

Text and embedded images 1994-2022 by Roger Edwards, last updated 10 Aug 21

Welcome to Roger's home page, occupying at least a few kilobytes of the Internet since 1994 with this basic, "antiquated but I don't care" design. I've consolidated things a great deal here to remove broken links, outdated information, verbosity, and clutter. This now is a relatively streamlined, minimalistic portal directly to sites related to me and my biggest projects/interests.

    Curriculum Vitae, professional and scientific summary of accomplishments, credentials, awards and publications.

    Roger's SkyPix, a vast, multi-room, circular photographic gallery of weather and water photography since I first started shooting in 1986.

    Image of the Week, select photography of any kind from the top layers of my portfolio, updated once a week.

    SkyPix on OpenSea, NFTs you can own for yourself, from my photography portfolio.

    Roger & Elke's Digital Photography Galleries, from assorted non storm-related travels from our early digital-shooting era of 2006-13. Not regularly updated.

    Storms Observed , our storm BLOG, with stories of chases from 2004-14 (most recent storms first). Kept for posterity...see SkyPix for "chase stories" related to images there.

    Storm Intercept Forecasting, links to help me get the fastest, latest data for storm-observing activities. Began in 1994, updated yearly.

    Weather or Not, brutally honest personal BLOG with assorted anecdotes, editorials and opinionated essays since late 2005.

    Roger's Rants, HTML links to older writings (1990s to mid 2000s) kept for posterity (even if I have different opinions today).

    DSLR Time Lapses running in Javascript (2012-15)

    East Norman Rainfall, rain totals at my homes in eastern Norman (since 1998)

    Insojourn Design and Images, web design and professional stock photography

    Scans from Days of Yore, PDFs of antique printed materials I've scanned, weather-related and otherwise

    The Online Tornado FAQ, since 1997, updated a few times per year.

    EJSSM -- the Electronic Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology

    My Facebook page, fully viewable only by "friends". NOTICE: I do not accept friend requests from people I don't know or haven't met, unless they are vetted and recommended by someone I trust.

    Bait Fishing with Scorpions, only a tiny fraction of my overall experiences as an avid fisherman

    Dallas Cowboys, your five-time Super Bowl champions

    Oklahoma Sooners football, your seven-time national champions


For my e-mail addresses, and to send e-mail, go to my mail page.

Thanks always to my loving family--my beautiful bride Elke, and kids David Andrew and Donna Camille (yes, named after hurricanes), and all my cats and dogs of days of old. Thanks to the friends who have stuck with me and/or reconnected through the multidecadal adventure known as life. I appreciate the enrichment of my best teachers, professors, and scientific colleagues (too many to name, but you know who you are) in helping me to grow as a scientist and thinker. Thanks to those spiritual teachers and advisors who have helped me to better explore the infinite glory of the Lord. Most of all, thanks to our God in 3 Persons for His provision of all of the above, along with all the following: blessings of all kinds, innate craving for severe weather since infanthood, my talents and skills, and the work ethic to cultivate and optimize my abilities. Ultimately I answer to no man, but instead to Him and Him alone.