Norman Winter Weather, 29-30 Nov 6

December 17, 2006 by
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The recent winter weather event here in Norman left a nice layer cake of freezing rain ice, sleet and snow lying around for several days, with a much-needed 1.31 inches total liquid equivalent for the two day event. In fact, when I got back from a week-long trip to Miami nearly 10 days later, some ice still clung to a shady spot in the NE side of my roof.

I didn’t do much photography, though. Somehow a combination of unfavorable shift scheduling (day shifts, had to be inside during daylight hours) and lack of motivation to freeze my butt off kept me from doing much photography. Maybe next time, given a day off or two. ‘Til then, I did snap a wide angle shot of the National Weather Center building in the freshly layered and contoured snow.

This is one among many photos — some rather abstract or offbeat — that I’ve taken in and around the NWC building since it opened that I plan to post in an online gallery over the next few weeks. One of the offbeat ones had to do with the winter weather event also…

This image doesn’t seem to show much at first, but tells quite a pitiful story upon close scrutiny.

Note the dirt trail from right to left across the curving sidewalk. Also note the decapitated light canister at lower left, and the deep, snow-filled divot in the ground between that canister and the left edge of the dirt trail. Another light fixture is missing farther rearward as well; its canister can be seen lying sideways, partly buried in snow, at the base of the wall and beneath the wall-mounted light fixture.

Obviously someone (not me!) slid off the circular driveway, across the sidewalk and into the brand new landscaping, taking out two light canisters in the process. As far as I know this was the first vehicle crash to christen the new facility.


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